HTML & CSS: The Complete Reference, Fifth Edition

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December 18, 2009


Electronic book text, 856 pages

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0071741704 / 9780071741705

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Main description

The go-to guide for professional Web developers--fully updated for the latest CSS and XHTML standards

The fifth edition of this comprehensive resource on client side Web page creation provides full coverage of XHTML 1.0, 1.1, and the emerging HTML 5 standard; CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 2.1; and browser-specific CSS rules adopted from the upcoming CSS 3 specification. You will learn, step-by-step, how to use all of these tools to build impressive Web pages.

CSS & XHTML: The Complete Reference, Fifth Edition covers the newest browser versions including Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, and Safari; the latest development trends; and current W3C standards. Hundreds of examples of correct markup and style are included.

Table of contents

Part I: Core Markup
Chapter 1: Traditional HTML and XHTML
Chapter 2: Introduction to HTML 5
Chapter 3: HTML and XHTML Element Reference
Part II: Core Style
Chapter 4: Introduction to CSS
Chapter 5: CSS Syntax and Property Reference
Chapter 6: CSS 3, Propertietary and Emerging Features Reference
Appendix A: Character Entities
Appendix B: Fonts
Appendix C: Colors
Appendix D: URLs
Appendix E: Reading a Document Type Definition

Author comments

Thomas A. Powell is president of PINT, Inc., a Web development and design firm. He developed the Web Publishing Certificate program for UCSD Extension and is an instructor for the Computer Science Department at UCSD. He is the author of the previous bestselling editions of this book and Ajax: The Complete Reference.

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