Biochemistry, Third Edition

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November 6, 2009


Mixed media product, 640 pages


0071634355 / 9780071634359


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Main description

This full-color text provides a concise and straightforward introduction to biochemistry

This is a greatly revised new edition of a popular student text. The simple, concise, point-to-point stepwise format has been maintained in this revised edition and the text has been reorganized and revised for better timeliness and clarity.

Seven new chapters have been added and a number of chapters have been fully revised and updated in this edition. Each chapter begins with contents that indicate the topics covered and concludes with a review of the contents as well as review questions. Over 1000 practice questions comprising MCQs, SAQs, short notes, clinical cases, etc. have been included. The text is multicolor and thoroughly overhauled.

Table of contents

Contents PART 1: Structure and Function of the Cell and Bio-molecules 1.The Cell3 2.Carbohydrate Chemistry20 3.Chemistry of Lipid40 4.Chemistry of Proteins61 5.Plasma Proteins and Immunoglobulins90 6.Enzymes104 7.Vitamins129 8.Chemistry of Haemoglobin153 9.Chemistry of Nucleic Acid166 PART 2: Energy Metabolism, Nutrition and Metabolism of Bio-molecules 10.Bioenergetics and Biological Oxidation185 11.Human Nutrition205 12.Carbohydrate Metabolism218 13.Lipid Metabolism265 14.Protein Metabolism319 15.Integration of Metabolism and Metabolism in Starvation363 16.Water Metabolism373 17.Mineral Metabolism379 18.Haemoglobin Metabolism398 19.Nucleic Acid Metabolism406 PART 3: Biochemistry of Cellular Communication 20.Mechanism of Hormone Action423 21.Neurotransmitters432 PART 4: Molecular Biology 22.Replication, Transcription and Translation443 23.Regulation of Gene Expression and Mutation478 24.Genetic Engineering488 PART 5: Clinical Biochemistry 25.Acid-Base Balance501 26.Organ Function Tests511 27.Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), Cardiac Markers and Lipid Profile525 28.Radioisotopes in Medicines536 PART 6: Health, Disease and Environment 29.Free Radicals in Health and Disease and Antioxidants543 30.Metabolism of Xenobiotics (Detoxification)549 31.Cancer 555 32.Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)564 33.Environment and Health569 34.Biomedical Waste Management576 PART 7: Biochemistry of the Tissue 35.Connective Tissue585 36.Muscle595 PART 8: Basic Analytical Techniques in Biochemistry 37.Chromatography, Electrophoresis, Photometry and Radioimmunoassay609 Index

Author comments

Pankaja Naik, PhD, is Professor and Head, Department of Biochemistry, NDMVPS Medical College, Nashik (Maharashtra).

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