Who Killed HealthCare?: America's $2 Trillion Medical Problem - and the Consumer-Driven Cure America's $1.5 Trillion Dollar Medical Problem--and the Consumer-Driven Cure

Who Killed HealthCare?: America\'s $2 Trillion Medical Problem - and the Consumer-Driven Cure
By:Herzlinger, Regina; Herzlinger , Regina;
Pub Date:May 8th 2007
Format:Hardback 312 pages
ISBN:0071487808 / 9780071487801
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In the battle for U.S. health care, patients and doctors are losing.

Who Killed Health Care? shows how to win the war.

One of the nation's most respected health care analysts, Regina Herzlinger exposes the motives and methods of those who have crippled America's health care system-figures in the insurance, hospital, employment, governmental, and academic sectors. She proves how our current system, which is organized around payers and providers rather than the needs of its users, is dangerously eroding patient welfare and is pushing costs out of the reach of millions.

Who Killed Health Care? then outlines Herzlinger's bold new plan for a consumer-driven system that will deliver affordable, high-quality care to everyone. By putting insurance money in the hands of patients, removing the middleman in the doctor-patient relationship, and giving employers cost relief, consumers and physicians will be empowered to make the system work the way it should. Herzlinger describes in precise detail how her innovative program will provide

  • Smaller, disease-focused medical facilities that provide complete care for patients
  • A national system of medical records that provides privacy with confidential access by approved practitioners
  • Mandatory performance evaluations of all hospitals and all other medical organizations
  • Mandatory health insurance with subsidies for those who cannot afford it

Who Killed Health Care? is a call to arms that must be answered; the welfare of every American hangs in the balance.

"A brilliant analysis... A must-read." - Bill George, Professor, Harvard Business School and Former CEO of Medtronic

"As it becomes more and more obvious to everyone that our current health care system is unsustainable, this is the book that had to be written." - Daniel H. Johnson, Jr. MD, former president of the American Medical Association

"Regina Herzlinger's ideas to tackle the crisis of the U.S. health care system are based on keen knowledge of the system's existing difficulties along with insights that introduce the reader to new streamlined choices that have the potential of getting both quantity and cost under control." - Joseph Kennedy, founder, chairman, and president, Citizens Energy Corporation, CEO, Citizens Health Care, former representative (D-Mass)

"Regina Herzlinger... offers a vision of the way things can be, should be, and will be sooner or later. The only question is: how long do we have to wait?" - Greg Scandlen, founder, Consumers for Health Choices "Regi Herzlinger has brilliantly articulated a better way - embracing the principles of competition and innovation that cause every other sector of our economy to thrive. Discharging American health care from the ICU can only happen by putting individual Americans - not politicians and bureaucrats - back in charge of their health care decisioins." - U.S. Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla), M.D. "Following on the heels of her landmark Market-Driven Health Care, Herzlinger lays it on the line with her expose of what many who work in the health care industry have felt in their gut. Now it is articulated in an entertaining and must-read portrayal, with you and me as the only way out." - Dennis White, executive vice president for strategic development, National Business Coalition on Health "A wonderful Orwellian romp through issues which carry a deadly irony. The killers of health care are, of course, the third parties, each of which has an itchy palm and a commitment to profit or power which exceeds the commitment to service, with each engaging the others within a politically shaped box. Rarely has the case for the public been made with so much force, foresight, and wit, and a better way forward shown so clearly." - James F. Fries, MD, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine "You can practically hear the war chants as Professor Herzlinger sets out her view of what's wrong with the health care system and how to fix it. You'd best read it so you can decide which side you will be on when the battle is joined." - Paul Levy, CEO, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA "Regina Herzlinger, the nation's leading expert on consumer-driven health care, has given us a brilliant analysis of the flaws in our health care system and what it will take to get it back on track. Her latest book is a must-read." - Bill George, Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School, Former CEO, Medtronic, and author of Authentic Leadership "You don't have to agree with her diagnosis and prescription for the U.S. health care system, but you do have to read her book. Once again, Professor Herzlinger has put together a well researched, well written, and very provocative blueprint for the future of health care." Peter L. Slavin, MD, President, Massachusetts General Hospital

Table of contents

Who Killed Health Care?

I.Table of Contents

I: How I Knew Health Care Was Dead

II: Who Killed Health Care? Death by a Thousand Cuts

Killer No. 1--The Health Insurers

Killer No. 2--The Hospitals

Killer No. 3--The New England Journal of Medicine

Killer No. 4--The U.S. Congress

Killer No. 5--The Employers

Killer No. 6--The Doctors

III: Deadly Cures

Single Payer

Managed Competition

IV: The Right Medicine: Consumer-Driven Health Care (CDHC)

Cure No. 1--Consumers Buy

Cure No. 2--Providers Free to Innovate

Cure No. 3--Government Provides Funding for the Poor; Transparency; and Market Policing

V: The New Consumer-Driven Health Care System

The New Consumer-Driven Health Care System: And the Users

The New Consumer-Driven Health Care System: And the Providers

The New Consumer-Driven Health Care System: And the Employers

The New Consumer-Driven Health Care System: And the Government


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