Statistics for the Utterly Confused

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June 15, 2000


Electronic book text, 318 pages


0071430946 / 9780071430944

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Main description

Statistics for the Utterly Confused is your user-friendly introduction to elementary statistics, designed especially for non-math majors

Required courses in statistics are cause for alarm among more than 500,000 undergraduates in such disciplines as nursing, allied health, pre-law, pre-medicine, business administration, and criminal justice. This super-accessible book demystifies the dreaded subject for non-math majors.

Statistics for the Utterly Confusedprovides a logical, step-by-step approach to introductory statistics, stripping away confusing material and clarifying key concepts without long, theoretical discussion and includes:

  • Handy icons throughout the text offer easy visual aids
  • 500 self-testing questions
  • Technology Corner sections explain the latest software
  • Provides more than 200 examples and solved problems

Table of contents

Part I: Descriptive Statistics. Chapter 1. Graphical Displays of Univariate Data. Chapter 2. Data Description - Numerical Measures of Central Tendency for Ungrouped Univariate Data. Chapter 3. Data Description - Numerical Measures of Variability for Ungrouped Univariate Data. Chapter 4. Data Description - Numerical Measures of Position for Ungrouped Univariate Data. Chapter 5. Exploring Bivariate Data. Chapter 6. Exploring Categorical Data. Part II: Probability. Chapter 7. Randomness, Uncertainty, and Probability. Chapter 8. Discrete Probability Distributions. Chapter 9. The Normal Probability Distribution. Chapter 10. Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem. Part III: Statistical Inference. Chapter 11. Confidence Intervals. Chapter 12. Hypothesis Tests - Larg Samples. Chapter 13. Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests -Small Samples. Chapter 14. Chi-Square Procedures. Appendices. Index.

Author comments

Lloyd R. Jaisingh, Ph.D., is Professor of Mathematics at Morehead State University, Morehead, Kentucky. He has taught statistics for the past thirteen years at Morehead State University, and has published several articles in applied statistics as well as books dealing with elementary statistics and the use of technology in the classroom. He has received a number of grants and fellowships, and an award as Outstanding Researcher of the Year at Morehead State.

Back cover copy

When it comes to understanding statistics, even good students can be confused. Perfect for students in any introductory non-calculus-based statistics course, and equally useful to professionals working in the world, Statistics for the Utterly Confused is your ticket to success. Statistical concepts are explained step-by-step and applied to such diverse fields as business, economics, finance, and more.

The message of Statistics for the Utterly Confused is simple: you don't have to be confused anymore. With the wealth of experience of the author, who has taught thousands of confused students, you'll discover a newer, clearer way to look at statistics. Don't wait another minute­­get on the road to higher grades and greater confidence, and go from utterly confused to totally prepared in no time!

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