Fast Powerboat Seamanship The Complete Guide to Boat Handling, Navigation, and Safety

Fast Powerboat Seamanship
By:Pike, Dag;
Pub Date:July 16th 2004
Format:Hardback 272 pages
ISBN:0071422099 / 9780071422093
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In Fast Powerboat Seamanship, one of the world's leading authorities on high-speed piloting and navigation shows you how to operate any fast boat for maximum thrill at minimum risk. Dag Pike describes the effects of hull design on performance and gives you a better understanding of how your boat is built. He explains how fast boats respond under a variety of conditions, and he walks you through everything you need to know about engines, propulsion systems, trim tabs, and the other controls that give you complete command of your craft. Pike provides a step-by-step tutorial in the techniques of fast-boat driving and spells out the measures you can take to ensure comfort and safety for yourself and your passengers. He also explores the things you need to know about the sea itself: how waves are generated, how they move, and how to assess and adjust to changing conditions on the water. You'll learn how to adapt to the faster pace of events at 25 to 100 knots; navigate at high speed; and control a high-speed turn. You'll also learn techniques for avoiding collisions, operating in extreme weather, and much more.

The better you understand your boat and how to control it, the greater the pleasure you will get from high-performance boating. Fast Powerboat Seamanship is the source for the specialized knowledge and skills you need to get the most out of any fast boat.

Table of contents


Chapter 1: Fast-Boat Design

Hull Designs

The Technical Side of Fast Boats

Chapter 2: The RIB Concept

Design and Construction of RIBs

How the Inflatable Tube Affects Performance

Alternative Tube Designs

Interaction Between Tube and Hull

Water Drainage


Chapter 3: Fast-Boat Features


Footrests and Toe Straps


Seat Belts

Windshields (Windscreens)

Helm Station


Chapter 4: Engines and Propulsion




Slow-Speed Maneuvering

Chapter 5: Fast-Boat Controls


Trim Tabs


Power Trim


Control of Directional Stability


Chapter 6: Wind and Waves

How the Wind Generates Waves

Wave Basics

Types of Waves

Inshore Waves

Sea Conditions and Fast Boats


Chapter 7: Driving the Boat

Performance in Reserve

Driving in Head Seas

Driving in Beam Seas

Driving in Following Seas

Running an Inlet


Concentration and Special Skills

Longer-Term Tactics

Chapter 8: Driver and Crew

The Driver's Role

The Navigator's Role

The Rest of the Crew

Communication on Board

Personal Equipment



Chapter 9: Navigation

Navigation Before You Leave

Navigation on the Water


Steering a Course

Visual Navigation


Chapter 10: Emergencies

Major Emergencies


Chapter 11: The Future





Flying Machines

Ride Control

Fast-Boat Engines

Fast-Boat Propulsion

Into the Future



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