Conflict Resolution

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January 3, 2001


Mixed media product, 192 pages

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Main description

Successful management depends on the ability to quickly and effectively manage conflicts. Conflict Resolution includes hands-on information for effectively communicating with employees, disciplining and even terminating employees, understanding and using organizational politics, and more.

Table of contents

1. What's a Conflict? 2. So What if There's a Conflict? 3. How to Resolve Any Conflict. 4. How to Resolve a Conflict Between Others. 5. How to Resolve a Conflict Between Yourself and Another. 6. How to Resolve Team Conflict. 7. How to Mediate All the Time to Prevent Conflicts. 8. Strategic Management of Organizational Conflict.

Author comments

Daniel Dana Ph.D. (Overland Park, KS), is the founder of Mediation Training Institute International and an invited lecturer at universities and institutions worldwide. He is the author of Managing Differences.

Back cover copy

Tips and Tools for Managers to Recognize, Prevent, and Resolve Conflicts--in Today's Higher-Stress Workplace

Workplaces are changing. As interpersonal rules of conduct become looser and time deadlines become tighter, conflict resolution is gaining importance as a strategic management issue. Conflict Resolution is the first book to provide specific mediation skills and managerial tools for successfully preventing, managing, and resolving workplace conflicts. Before minor skirmishes become full-blown wars, refer to this hands-on, solution-oriented book to learn:
* The 4 primary tasks of preventive mediation--with two important tools to help you perform those tasks
* Practical tools for mediating conflicts between others--as well as resolving conflicts between yourself and another
* Proactive techniques to frame conflicts as both-gain opportunities--instead of win-lose or lose-lose contests

Organizations that recognize today the necessity of strategically managing internal conflict will be one step ahead in tomorrow's increasingly competitive business environment. Let Conflict Resolution provide you with the latest information and procedures you need for mediating or even preventing conflicts--and fostering teamwork--in the workplace.

Briefcase Books, written specifically for today's busy manager, feature eye-catching icons, checklists, and sidebars to guide managers step-by-step through everyday workplace situations. Look for these innovative design features to help you navigate through each page:
* Clear, concise definitions of conflict management terms and jargon
* Tips for being smart when managing and resolving conflicts
* How-to hints to make conflict management go a little easier
* Practical advice to avoid mistakes when dealing with conflict
* Warning signs for where things could go wrong
* Case studies and examples of how others have managed conflict
* Specific procedures for resolving different kinds of conflicts

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