Process Systems Analysis and Control

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October 9, 2008


Mixed media product, 624 pages


007339789X / 9780073397894


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Main description

Process Systems Analysis and Control, third edition retains the clarity of presentation for which this book is well known. It is an ideal teaching and learning tool for a semester-long undergraduate chemical engineering course in process dynamics and control. It avoids the encyclopedic approach of many other texts on this topic. Computer examples using MATLABĀ® and SimulinkĀ® have been introduced throughout the book to supplement and enhance standard hand-solved examples. These packages allow the easy construction of block diagrams and quick analysis of control concepts to enable the student to explore "what-if" type problems that would be much more difficult and time consuming by hand.

Table of contents

Preface Chapter 1 Introductory Concepts Part 1 Modeling for Process Dynamics Chapter 2 Modeling Tools for Process Dynamics Chapter 3 Inversion by Partial Fractions Part 2 Linear Open-Loop Systems Chapter 4 Response of First-Order Systems Chapter 5 Physical Examples of First-Order Systems Chapter 6 Response of First-Order Systems in Series Chapter 7 Higher-Order Systems: Second-Order and Transportation Lag Part 3 Linear Closed-Loop Systems Chapter 8 The Control System Chapter 9 Controllers and Final Control Elements Chapter 10 Block Diagram of a Chemical-Reactor Control System Chapter 11 Closed-Loop Transfer Functions Chapter 12 Transient Response of Simple Control Systems Chapter 13 Stability Chapter 14 Root Locus Part 4 Frequency Response Chapter 15 Introduction to Frequency Response Chapter 16 Control System Design by Frequency Response Part 5 Process Applications Chapter 17 Advanced Control Strategies Chapter 18 Controller Tuning and Process Identification Chapter 19 Control Valves Chapter 20 Theoretical Analysis of Complex Processes Part 6 State-Space Methods Chapter 21 State-Space Representation of Physical Systems Chapter 22 Transfer Function Matrix Chapter 23 Multivariable Control Part 7 Nonlinear Control Chapter 24 Examples of Nonlinear Systems Chapter 25 Examples of Phase-Plane Analysis Part 8 Computers in Process Control Chapter 26 Microprocessor-Based Controllers and Distributed Control Bibliography Index

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