Knots, Bends, and Hitches for Mariners

Knots, Bends, and Hitches for Mariners
By:The United States Power Squadrons;
Pub Date:January 2nd 2006
Format:Mixed media product 128 pages
ISBN:0071463216 / 9780071463218
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Cobranded with one of the nation's leading boating educators and richly illustrated with 200 fine drawings, this handy little how-to has something for every mariner. The essentials of the boater's repertoire are here--the bowline, the sheet bend, the clove hitch, etc.--but so are such lesser-known gems as the hawser bend, the cow hitch, and many more.

Table of contents


1.Marlinespike Seamanship: An Introduction

2.Marlinespike Seamanship Terminology

Parts of a Line

Basic Rope Configurations

Jam Turn
Round Turn
Overhand Loop
Underhand Loop
Half Hitch

Breaking Strength Versus Working Strength

Knots Weaken Rope

Knots, Bends, Hitches, and Splices

3.Working with Rope

Rope Materials

Rope Construction

Laid Rope
Single-Braid Rope
Double-Braid Rope
Parallel-Core Rope

Common Rope Uses Aboard

Cutting Rope

Cold Cutting
Heat Cutting

Joining Rope

Using Heat
Using Glue

Dyeing Rope

Equipment for Dyeing Rope
Dyeing Method

Line Ends (Whipping Lines)

Seizing Lines

Care of Line

Proper Line Storage

Marlinespike Seamanship Tools


Rope Ends (Stopper Knots)

Overhand Knot
Slipped Overhand Knot (Slip Knot)
Figure-Eight Knot
Stevedore Knot
Blood Knot
Heaving Line Knot
Monkey's Fist

Loop Knots

Bowline on a Bight
Slipped Bowline
Angler's Loop (Perfection Knot)
Painter's Bowline
Spanish Bowline
Japanese Bowline
Three-Part Crown Knot
True Lover's Knot (Clover Knot or Cross Knot)
Japanese Success Knot
Jury Mast Knot


Sheet Bend
Double Sheet Bend
Becket Bend (Becket Hitch)
Carrick Bend
Hawser Bend
Reef (Square) Knot

6. Hitches

Attaching Hitches

Round Turn with Two Half Hitches
Clove Hitch (for tall piles)
Clove Hitch (for short piles)
Cleat Hitch
Anchor Bend (a Hitch)
Rolling Hitch
Buntline Hitch
Slipped Buntline Hitch
Tugboat Hitch (Bitt Hitch)
Lark's Head (Cow Hitch)
Inside Cow Hitch
Jar Sling

Gathering Hitches

Binder's Loop
Sack Knot (Twice-Turned)
Sack Knot (Thrice-Turned)
Strangle Knot
Constrictor Knot


Rope Ends

Back Splice
Wall and Crown Knot
Matthew Walker Knot

Connecting Ropes

Short Splice
Long Splice

Spliced Eyes

Eye Splice (Laid Rope)
Eye Splice (Double-Braid Rope)
Eye Splice in the Middle of Laid Line

8.Decorative Knots

Line Ends

Turk's Head
Crown Sennit
Tack Knot
Star Knot
Bell Rope Sennit

Toggle Knots

Toggled Reef Knot
Toggled Lark's Head
Toggle and Becket





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