Nurse to Nurse Dementia Care

Nurse to Nurse Dementia Care
By:Steele, Cynthia D.;
Pub Date:October 6th 2009
Format:Electronic book text 304 pages
ISBN:0071642730 / 9780071642736
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A unique "mentor in a pocket" handbook covering one of the most emotionally-trying experiences nurses face

From the co-director of Johns Hopkins University's neuropsychiatry clinic and senior faculty member at the Copper Ridge Institute comes the first pocket-sized reference for generalist nurses on care for patients with dementia, one of the most emotionally-trying disorders they will face in clinical practice.

Part of McGraw-Hill's Nurse to Nurse series, this title includes PDA download of the entire text, vignettes, nursing alerts that provide just-in-time information on complex or particularly important aspects of patient care, and Therapeutic Dialogue Boxes that provide nurses with specific communication solutions for both patients and their families. Coated flex-binding repels stains.

The new Nurse to Nurse series is specifically designed to simulate the teaching experience nurses learn best from: trusted mentors carefully explaining what they must do in specific clinical situtions. Written in a consistent, single-author voice, this series brings the wisdom and experience of some of the foremost experts to non-specialist nurses in clinical care.

Table of contents

Nursing Care for Clients with Dementia

1.Key features of dementia
2.Definition of other complicating psychiatric and medical conditions
3.Recognition and management of delirium in the person with dementia.
4.Daily care
5.The 5 D approach to behavior problems.
6. Common behavior problems, risk factors and response.
7 Creating activities for the person with dementia
8. The use of companions and sitters
9 Communication with the health care team
10. Transferring of the patient and essential information for their care to another provider.


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