Emily Dickinson's Gardens (eBook)

Emily Dickinson\'s Gardens
By:McDowell, Marta;
Pub Date:November 21st 2004
Format:Electronic book text 176 pages
ISBN:0071460616 / 9780071460613
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A beautifully illustrated gift book exploring the flowers and poems of the beloved "Belle of Amherst"

A woman who found great solace in gardens, Emily Dickinson filled her poetry with references to her flowers. Now, in Emily Dickinson's Gardens, author Marta McDowell invites poetry and gardening lovers alike to explore the words and wildflowers of one of America's best-loved poets.

Each chapter of this illustrated book follows a different season in the gardens, conservatories, and Amherst environs where the poet tended, collected, and drew inspiration from flowers.

"Here is a brighter garden" where you will discover:

  • Excerpts from Dickinson's poetry and letters
  • Historical details about the poet's life, emphasizing her horticultural interests
  • Plus: Instructions on how to create an Emily Dickinson garden of your own, including plans, design ideas, plant sources, and growing tips

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