Landscape Architect's Portable Handbook

Landscape Architect\'s Portable Handbook
By:Dines, Nicholas; Brown, Kyle;
Pub Date:February 16th 2001
Format:Paperback 400 pages
ISBN:0071344225 / 9780071344227
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Get answers FAST with the Landscape Architect's One-Stop,Take-It-Anywhere Guide

In the office or out on the job, the Landscape Architect's Portable Handbook puts the 20% of information you need 80% of the time at your fingertips! You get instant data for every architectural landscaping project: public and private gardens...athletic facilities...highways...urban/suburban settings...MORE! From project administration, planning, design standards and analysis to site development, construction, materials, field techniques, and common rules of thumb, hundreds of handy tables, diagrams and schematics, checklists and field guides give you the accurate how-to's and expertise you need - ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! It packs easily in your briefcase, so you can cut down on time-consuming trips and calls between field and office, or get satisfyingly fast facts and guidelines when you're catching up on work at home. It's a distillation of the entire profession... and provides the perfect ASLA registration exam review. You get:

* A framework for interpretation, conceptualization, evaluation, and communication at multiple scales, regardless of the type of landscape planning or design project
* Standards, techniques and devices
* Analysis-to-project administration guidelines and checklists
* Step-by-step procedures
* Mechanics and design calculations, formulas, worked examples and models
* 193 clarifying illustrations -- from USDA plant hardiness zones to basic layouts and schematic diagrams...from approval processes flow charts to a CPM bar chart
* 98 quick-check tables let you instantly pinpoint area space standards...tree mortality causes and remedies...recommended live loads for different decking uses and maximum decking spans...irrigation system selection criteria - and much, much more * Scores of easy-to-use, easy-to-remember rules of thumb
* General unit cost factors for materials, systems, and construction
* More!

From the broad overall aspects of a project to the smallest detail, find the specific data you need on... Project Management; Permits; Site Selection and Clearing; Grading; Drainage; Decks; Fences; Lighting; Paving; Plants; Ponds; Pools; Retaining Walls; Billing; More

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Project Administration.

Chapter 2: Planning and Design Standards.

Chapter 3: Analysis Techniques.

Chapter 4: Site Development Techniques.

Chapter 5: Devices.

Chapter 6: Materials.


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