Atomic Zombie's Bicycle Builder's Bonanza

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November 4, 2003


Mixed media product, 388 pages


0071422676 / 9780071422673


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Main description

* Provides detailed, step-by-step instruction showing how to build your own customized bicyles on a shoe-string budget

* Thoroughly illustrated--includes 50 blueprints and 200 photos

* Includes ideas, techniques, advice, and practical tips for the creative builder

* One of the author's creations will be included in the Guinness Book of World Records for the tallest bicycle

Table of contents

Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1: Basic Tools and Skills Chapter 2: Acquiring Raw Materials Chapter 3: Welding Basics Chapter 4: Planning and Designing Chapter 5: Taking It Apart Chapter 6: The Infamous Chopper Chapter 7: Winter Warriors Chapter 8: The Sky Is The Limit Chapter 9: Multiple Riders Chapter 10: One-Wheeled Wonders Chapter 11: Life in the Fast Lane Chapter 12: Unclassified Rolling Objects Chapter 13: Finishing and Restoration Chapter 14: Bicycle-Building Resources INDEX

Author comments

Brad Graham has been constructing creative bicycles since the early 1980s. He is founder and host of the Web site, dedicated to his flamboyant bicycles and inventions, which receives approximately 2500 hits a week. Co-owner of Freedom2000 Complete Technical Services, which provides robotics design, computer network setup and maintenance, data storage and recovery, and security services, Mr. Graham is also a Network Engineer, Electronics Technician, and Programmer.

Kathy McGowan is also a bicycle enthusiast and proud owner of her custom Kool Kat low racer. Additionally, Miss McGowan coordinates the logistics and marketing aspects of Brad's many bicycle, robotics, computer, and publishing projects, manages the daily operations of Freedom2000 Complete Technical Services, and provides customized personal computer training.

Back cover copy



For bicycle lovers, tinkerers, and inventors, this dream resource offers hours of fun, creativity, and adventure. If you have standard workshop tools, Atomic Zombie's Bicycle Builder's Bonanza provides everything else you need to create cool custom bicycles on a shoestring budget. You'll find exciting plans for choppers, low racers, tallbikes, recumbents, tandems, and others that defy description.

You'll learn how easy -- and cheap -- it can be to build machines with names like Marauder, Sky Cycle, and Hammerhead -- to construct bicycles whose profiles will make you gasp -- and to make your own recumbent bike that can speed along at 80 kph on the flats. This book shows you how to build them all, complete with photos and detailed instructions!

Written by long-time bike hobbyist and inventor Brad Graham, founder and host of the bicycle builder's Web site, and creator of the world's tallest bike, this value-packed, heavily illustrated manual offers an exciting range of resources from complete custom bike plans to details on working with tools and customizing bikes you already own. Look inside for all the help you need with:

* Getting parts for free, or almost free
* High-speed recumbent low racer with hydraulic disc brakes
* A two-headed winter-ready mountain bike
* A bicycle so tall that you have to duck under power lines
* Ultralong fork choppers with loads of attitude
* A rugged all-terrain mountain tandem
* Pedal-powered vehicles that seem to defy the laws of physics
* Customizing details, such as getting a smooth paint job and removing rust from old chrome
* And much, much more!

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