Cisco ASA Configuration

Cisco ASA Configuration
By:Deal, Richard;
Pub Date:June 26th 2009
Format:Paperback 752 pages
ISBN:0071622691 / 9780071622691
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"Richard Deal's gift of making difficult technology concepts understandable has remained constant. Whether it is presenting to a room of information technology professionals or writing books, Richard's communication skills are unsurpassed. As information technology professionals we are faced with overcoming challenges every day...Cisco ASA Configuration is a great reference and tool for answering our challenges." --From the Foreword by Steve Marcinek (CCIE 7225), Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems

A hands-on guide to implementing Cisco ASA

Configure and maintain a Cisco ASA platform to meet the requirements of your security policy. Cisco ASA Configuration shows you how to control traffic in the corporate network and protect it from internal and external threats. This comprehensive resource covers the latest features available in Cisco ASA version 8.0, and includes detailed examples of complex configurations and troubleshooting. Implement and manage Cisco's powerful, multifunction network adaptive security appliance with help from this definitive guide.

  • Configure Cisco ASA using the command-line interface (CLI) and Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM)
  • Control traffic through the appliance with access control lists (ACLs) and object groups
  • Filter Java, ActiveX, and web content
  • Authenticate and authorize connections using Cut-through Proxy (CTP)
  • Use Modular Policy Framework (MPF) to configure security appliance features
  • Perform protocol and application inspection
  • Enable IPSec site-to-site and remote access connections
  • Configure WebVPN components for SSL VPN access
  • Implement advanced features, including the transparent firewall, security contexts, and failover
  • Detect and prevent network attacks
  • Prepare and manage the AIP-SSM and CSC-SSM cards

Table of contents

Part I: Introduction to ASA Security Appliances and Basic Configuration Tasks
Chapter 1. ASA Product Family
Chapter 2. CLI Basics
Chapter 3. Basic ASA Configuration
Chapter 4. Routing and Multicasting
Part II: Controlling Traffic Through the ASA
Chapter 5. Address Translation
Chapter 6. Access Control
Chapter 7. Web Content
Chapter 8. CTP
Chapter 9. IPv6
Part III: Policy Implementation
Chapter 10. Modular Policy Framework
Chapter 11. Protocols and Policies
Chapter 12. Data Applications and Policies
Chapter 13. Voice and Policies
Chapter 14. Multimedia and Policies
Part IV: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Chapter 15. IPSec Phase I
Chapter 16. IPSec Site-to-Site
Chapter 17. IPSec Remote Access Server
Chapter 18. IPSec Remote Access Client
Chapter 19. SSL VPNs: Clientless
Chapter 20. SSL VPNs: AnyConnect Client
Part V: Advanced Features of the ASA
Chapter 21. Transparent Firewall
Chapter 22. Contexts
Chapter 23. Failover
Chapter 24. Network Attack Prevention
Chapter 25. SSM Cards
Part VI: Management of the ASA
Chapter 26. Basic Management from the CLI
Chapter 27. ASDM


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