Teach Yourself

Teach Yourself is the original self-improvement series. Boasting more than 300 titles, the series can instruct and motivate you in just about anything--a new language, dancing, or even keeping a rabbit.

Teach Yourself will keep you motivated to achieve your goals. These programs have established themselves as the go-to series for anyone wanting to develop a sound grasp of practically any language.

Teach Yourself Mathematics is packed with worked examples, clear explanations, and exercises with answers. It covers basic math, algebra, geometry, percentages, fractions, probability, and more.

Organized around everyday and travel-related scenarios. Learn to communicate in typical situations needed to enjoy your next trip abroad.

Updated to include discussion of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and child development.

Explains and features bio dots which the authors use to identify stessors in one's life.

Written for beginners, covers all the bases, from basic rules of play and scoring to advanced strategies.

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