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Mariners’ Minutes...Tips and Tidbits from Our Library

Cut and Run . . . (hasty departure)



This expression dates back to the days of square-rigged sailing ships when, on occasion, the urgent need to get under way could be anticipated. In preparation, sails were secured to the yards with light ropeyarn that could be cut to let the canvas fall quickly, thus enabling the ship to sail at once. Figuratively, one cuts and runs when making an unceremonious and hasty departure.

--From When a Loose Cannon Flogs a Dead Horse There's the Devil to Pay/Isil




Winging It

Relive the excitement of Oracle USA's amazing comeback to defend the America's Cup. Learn how the incredible AC72s foil, how designers and sailors alike learned to sail them, and how the two capsizes--one leading to the loss of sailor Andrew Simpson--combined to make this a Cup like no other.

Coyote Lost at Sea

When Mike Plant was lost at sea 20 years ago en route to France to race his high-tech boat Coyote in the Vendee Globe, the sailing world held its breath. Now, the story is told.

The Boat Galley Cookbook: 800 Everyday Recipes and Essential Tips for Cooking Aboard

Boat fare doesn't have to be dull or from a can...Let Jan Irons and Carolyn Shearlock show you how to provision and cook EVERYTHING from fresh bread to chocolate cake in a mug!

Suddenly Overboard

Veteran Sailor Tom Lochhaas reveals through riveting stories, the real ways sailors come to grief. The truth will surprise and educate you.

Sailing a Serious Ocean

Read lessons learned by John Kretschmer on over 300,000 miles on the world's oceans. Learn what boats he trusts to cross oceans, how he sets up a watch schedule, and why a daily Captain's Hour is a necessary sea-going ritual.  

How to Read a Nautical Chart, 2nd Edition (Includes ALL of Chart #1)

Nigel Calder has done it again--this update of How to Read a Nautical Chart tells you ALL you need to know to understand and use paper and electronic charts to keep you safe and off the rocks. Full color.

Make a Hammock for Your Backyard!

Barbara Merry, Marlinspike Artist, teaches you have to weave a Turk's Head bracelet, new treads for your companionway, and even a net hammock for your bunk. She even shows you how to make a large, backyard hammock.

Voyaging Under Power is Back!

Captain Robert Beebe's Voyaging Under Power is back, updated by Denis Umstot and now available to help you plan that transatlantic trip or circumnavigation in your powerboat.