Tell It Slant
Second Edition

Brenda Miller, Suzanne Paola

For Instructors

We've included two sample syllabi here to show how you may incorporate Tell It Slant, Second Edition, into either an English Composition or an Introduction to Creative Nonfiction class.

English Composition Sample Syllabus using Tell It Slant

This course is based on a quarter-system, eleven-week term. If you teach on a semester system, I would suggest inserting material the course is not able to cover, such as nonfiction ethics, covered in the "Particular Challenges of Creative Nonfiction" chapter, using such controversies as James Frey's Million Little Pieces to spark discussion. Another chapter to incorporate might be the "Writing the Spiritual Autobiography" chapter. Even students who think themselves uninterested in this topic are often fascinated when they learn there are "anti-conversion" as well as "conversion" narratives in this genre. Additional peer-review workshop days would also be very useful for this course.

Besides Tell It Slant, the readings in this course are all available free on the web, and would make excellent readings for a nonfiction course as well as for composition. URLs for the readings are listed on the end of the syllabus. –Suzanne Paola

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Sample Annotated Syllabus

This is a sample syllabus for an introductory creative nonfiction class, taught on the quarter system, using the second edition of Tell it Slant and an anthology, as well as supplemental reading. I have annotated with specific links to material I mention on the syllabus.
--Brenda Miller