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Author Thomas Willeford (aka Lord Featherstone)

Thomas Willeford is an artist, mechanologist, and inventor. His company, Brute Force Studios, has been producing Steampunk products and spearheading the Steampunk movement since 1990. Willeford and his designs have been featured on MTV, BBC, ABC, Wired.com, and at Steampunk events and exhibits worldwide. His alter ego is Lord Archibald "Feathers" Featherstone.

Thomas Willeford has degrees in physics, history, and art. Lord Archibald's work, which blurs the line between art and engineering, has been displayed throughout the United States and Europe for years. Willeford’s work (including the E-pod) was recently featured in the exhibit, "Device and Contraptions Extraordinaire" at the Ashmolean University of Oxford museum of the History of Science. He has made costume pieces for Abney Park, Beautiful Deadly Children, and GhostFire. Willeford has been called, "The most photographed person in the Steampunk community." He has been featured in Steampunk Bizarre, the Steampunk World’s Faire, Whitby Gothic Weekend, Glasgow Marker’s Faire, Pirate magazine, and the Daily Mail.

Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos

By: Thomas Willeford
ISBN: 0071762361 / 9780071762366
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