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Each year the McGraw-Hill Medical Publishing division contacts the Deans of each medical school to select two, outstanding, first year medical students to receive the McGraw-Hill/Lange Award. The recipients are awarded a prize of $150 worth of McGraw-Hill books. Below is a list of the previous winners of the award and their stories of achievement.

Meet 2010 Lange Award Winner

Bart from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Bart wrote:

First I'd like to thank MGH for the award again. I used it to purchase a few Step 1 preparation books (which have come in handy already) and a book about properly diagnosing patients which has been phenomenal in helping me connect what I've learned in school to clinical care.

As for myself, I am a second year medical student at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. Currently I am the class president and a Second Lieutenant in the US Army. I feel that volunteering at clinics is important but I also feel that being a leader in the field of medicine can have an even larger impact. Throughout school I plan to build my medical knowledge to directly care for others, and develop my leadership skills to direct projects towards helping the community. Currently I am interested in Cardiology. I know there's a lot of interesting fields but the heart is just amazing. I think I became hooked when I listened to the different types of murmurs. The heart is literally the only organ that will "speak" to you and help you figure out what's wrong. Outside of school, I enjoy working out, fly fishing, and mountain biking. School doesn't allow for much of a social life but I tend to keep current on the new movies and sporting events. I feel blessed to be where I am and plan to spread my blessings to others. Each day I thank God for what he's done for me and my life goal will be to be his hands while I heal others.