COMMR110: The Art of Public Speaking (IUPUI)

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November 10, 2011


Loose-leaf, pages


069780822X / 9780697808226


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Table of contents

i. Academic Support
ii. Policies and Procedures

1. Speaking in Public
2. Ethics and Public Speaking
3. Listening

Giving your first Speech
4. Selecting a Topic and a Purpose
5. Analyzing the Audience
6. Gathering Materials
7. Supporting Your Ideas
8. Organizing the body of the Speech
9. Beginning and Ending the Speech
10. Outlining the Speech
11. Using Language
12. Delivery
13. Using Visual Aids

Using PowerPoint
14. Speaking to Inform
15. Speaking to Persuade
16. Methods of Persuasion
A. The Preparation Outline
B. Speaking Assignments
C. Informative Unit
D. The Demonstration Speech
E. The Speech to Explain
F. Persuasive Unit
G. Appendix 1

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