Introducing Anthropology: An Integrated Approach

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August 16, 2013


Paperback, 432 pages


0078035066 / 9780078035067


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Main description

Introducing Anthropology: An Integrated Approach is a concise text for the introductory-level, general anthropology course. The student-friendly format presents a unique holistic approach to anthropology, examining the biocultural nature, evolution, and behavior of the human species. Park’s engaging narrative and thoughtful level of detail makes anthropology both interesting and accessible for students.

Table of contents

PART ONE Anthropology: The Biocultural Study of the Human Species Chapter 1 DOING ANTHROPOLOGY: Defining the DisciplineChapter 2 HOW ANTHROPOLOGY WORKS: Methods of InquiryChapter 3 THEMES OF ANTHROPOLOGY: EvolutionChapter 4 THEMES OF ANTHROPOLOGY: CulturePART TWO The Identity and Nature of Our SpeciesChapter 5 OUR PLACE IN NATURE: Humans as PrimatesChapter 6 EVOLUTION: The Large-Brained PrimateChapter 7 REPRODUCTION: The Sexual PrimateChapter 8 HUMAN VARIATION: Biological Diversity and RacePART THREE Adapting to Our WorldsChapter 9 FOOD: Getting It, Growing It, Eating It, and Passing It AroundChapter 10 THE NATURE OF THE GROUP: Arranging Our Families and Organizing Our PeopleChapter 11 COMMUNICATION: Sharing What We Need to KnowChapter 12 MAINTENANCE OF ORDER: Making the Worldview RealChapter 13 CULTURE CHANGE: Theories and ProcessesChapter 14 THE EVOLUTION OF OUR BEHAVIOR: Putting ItAll TogetherChapter 15 ANTHROPOLOGY IN TODAY’S WORLD: Problems and ContributionsGlossaryBibliography Credits Index

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