Fundamentals of Investment Management

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June 20, 2011


Hardback, 688 pages


0078034620 / 9780078034626


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Main description

Presenting applied theory alongside real-world examples, Fundamentals of Investment Management provides a survey of the important areas of investments: valuation, the marketplace, fixed income instruments and markets, equity instruments and markets, derivative instruments, and a cross-section of special topics, such as international markets and mutual funds. The text is user-friendly, but makes no concessions to the importance of covering the latest and most important material for the student of investments.

Table of contents

Part One: Introduction to InvestmentsChapter 1: The Investment SettingChapter 2: Security MarketsChapter 3: Participating in the MarketChapter 4: Investment Companies: Mutual Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds, Closed-End funds, and Unit Investment TrustsPart Two: Analysis and Valuation of Equity SecuritiesChapter 5: Economic ActivityChapter 6: Industry AnalysisChapter 7: Valuation of the Individual FirmChapter 8: Financial Statement AnalysisPart Three: Issues in Efficient MarketsChapter 9: Efficient Markets and AnomaliesChapter 10: Behavioral Finance and Technical AnalysisPart Four: Fixed-Income and Leveraged SecuritiesChapter 11: Bond and Fixed-Income FundamentalsChapter 12: Principles of Bond Valuation and InvestmentChapter 13: Convertible Securities and WarrantsPart Five: Derivative ProductsChapter 14: Put and Call OptionsChapter 15: Commodities and Financial FuturesChapter 16: Stock Index Futures and OptionsPart Six: Broadening the Investment PerspectiveChapter 17: A Basic Look at Portfolio Management and Capital Market TheoryChapter 18: Duration and Bond Portfolio ManagementChapter 19: International Securities MarketsChapter 20: Investments in Real AssetsChapter 21: Alternative Investments: Private Equity and Hedge FundsChapter 22: Measuring Risks and Returns of Portfolio ManagersAppendicesAppendix A: Compound Sum of $1Appendix B: Compound Sum of an Annuity of $1Appendix C: Present Value of $1Appendix D: Present Value of an Annuity of $1Appendix E: Time Value of Money and Investment ApplicationsAppendix F: Using Calculators for Financial Analysis

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