A History of Europe in the Modern World, Volume 2

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September 24, 2013


Mixed media product, 704 pages


0077599586 / 9780077599584


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Main description

As the new title reflects, Palmer's A History of Europe in the Modern World maintains its well-established historical authority, while focusing more specifically on Europe's prominent role in modern global exchanges, nation building, transnational commercial systems, colonial empires, and cultural transitions. Combining concise accounts of specific nations and national differences with a wide-ranging, comparative analysis of international events, this updated edition of a classic text carefully examines the whole modern history of Europeans and their perpetually changing societies.

Table of contents

Chapter 12 Revolutions and the Reimposition of Order, 1848-1870 Chapter 13 The Consolidation of Large Nation-States, 1859-1871 Chapter 14 European Civilization, 1871-1914: Economy and Politics Chapter 15 European Civilization, 1871-1914: Society and Culture Chapter 16 Europe's World Supremacy, 1871-1914 Chapter 17 The First World War Chapter 18 The Russian Revolution and the Emergence of the Soviet Union Chapter 19 Democracy, Anti-Imperialism, and the Economic Crisis after the First World War Chapter 20 Democracy and Dictatorship in the 1930s Chapter 21 The Second World War Chapter 22 The Cold War and Reconstruction after the Second World War Chapter 23 Decolonization and the Breakup of the European Empires Chapter 24 Coexistence, Confrontation, and the New European Economy Chapter 25 The International Revolt against Soviet Communism Chapter 26 Europe and the Changing Modern World Appendix Rulers and Regimes Suggestions for Further Reading Index

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