Traditions & Encounters: A Brief Global History Volume 2

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January 7, 2013


Paperback, 416 pages


0077412060 / 9780077412067


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Main description

Based on Bentley and Ziegler's best-selling, comprehensive survey text, Traditions & Encounters: A Brief Global History provides a streamlined account of the cultures and interactions that have shaped world history. An effective part structure organizes developments into seven eras of global history, putting events into perspective and creating a framework for cross-cultural comparisons, while the strong themes of traditions (the formations and development of the world's major societies) and encounters (cross-cultural interactions and exchanges) bring focus to the human experience and help turn the giant story of world history into something more manageable. With an engaging narrative, visual appeal, extended pedagogy, and a strong emphasis on critical thinking, this concise version offers enhanced flexibility and affordability without sacrificing the features that have made the complete text a favorite among instructors and students alike.

Table of contents

Part V: The Origins of Global Interdependence, 1500-1800 Chapter 19: Transoceanic Encounters and Global Connections The European Reconnaissance of the World's OceansTrade and Conflict in Early Modern AsiaGlobal Exchanges Chapter 20: The Transformation of Europe The Fragmentation of Western ChristendomThe Consolidation of Sovereign StatesEarly Capitalist SocietyScience and EnlightenmentChapter 21: New Worlds: The Americas and OceaniaColliding WorldsColonial Society in the AmericasEuropeans in the PacificChapter 22: Africa and the Atlantic WorldAfrican Politics and Society in Early Modern TimesThe Atlantic Slave TradeThe African DiasporaChapter 23: Tradition and Change in East AsiaThe Quest for Political StabilityEconomic and Social ChangesThe Confucian Tradition and New Cultural InfluencesThe Unification of JapanChapter 24: The Islamic EmpiresFormation of the Islamic EmpiresImperial Islamic SocietyThe Empires in Transition Part VI: An Age of Revolution, Industry and Empire, 1750-1914 Chapter 25: Revolutions and National States in the Atlantic WorldPopular Sovereignty and Political UpheavalThe Influence of RevolutionThe Consolidation of National States in EuropeChapter 26: The Making of Industrial SocietyPatterns of IndustrializationIndustrial SocietyGlobal Effects of IndustrializationChapter 27: The Americas in the Age of IndependenceThe Building of American StatesAmerican Economic DevelopmentAmerican Cultural and Social DiversityChapter 28: The Building of Global EmpiresFoundations of EmpireEuropeans ImperialismThe Emergence of New Imperial PowerLegacies of ImperialismPart VII: Contemporary Global Realignments Chapter 29: The Great War: The World in UpheavalThe Drift Toward WarGlobal WarThe End of the War Chapter 30: An Age of Anxiety Probing Cultural FrontiersGlobal DepressionChallenges to the Liberal OrderChapter 31: Nationalism and Political Identities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America Asian Paths to AutonomyAfrica under Colonial DominationLatin American Struggles with Neocolonialism Chapter 32: New Conflagrations: World War IIOrigins of World War IITotal War: The World Under FireLife During WartimeNeither Peace nor WarChapter 33: The Cold War and DecolonizationThe Formation of a Bipolar WorldDecolonization and the Global Cold WarFrom Dissent to Dissolution in the Cold WarChapter 34: A World without BordersGlobal World EconomyCross-Cultural Exchanges and Global CommunicationsGlobal ProblemsCrossing Boundaries

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