Earth & Space Science: Exploring the Universe - Hardcover Student Text Only

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February 23, 2010


Mixed media product, pages


0077041488 / 9780077041489


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Main description

Explores the history of our planet and the composition of Earth’s surface, core, oceans, and atmosphere! Students learn about how environmental changes affect our weather as well as the impact man has on earth’s resources

Table of contents

Contemporary Earth & Space Science: Exploring the Universe Unit 1: Exploring Earth Chapter 1 Earth Science
Chapter 2 Mapping Earth Unit 2: Composition of the Earth Chapter 3 Matter and Atoms
Chapter 4 Minerals
Chapter 5 Rocks Unit 3: Forces in the Earth Chapter 6 Plate Tectonics
Chapter 7 Earthquakes
Chapter 8 Volcanoes Unit 4: Earth's Changing Surface Chapter 9 Weathering and Soil Formation
Chapter 10 Erosion and Deposition Unit 5: Earth's History Chapter 11 Studying the Past
Chapter 12 Geologic Time Unit 6: Earth's Atmosphere and Weather Chapter 13 The Atmosphere
Chapter 14 Weather
Chapter 15 Climate Unit 7: Earth's Waters Chapter 16 Freshwater
Chapter 17 Oceans
Chapter 18 The Marine Environment Unit 8: Earth's Resources and Environment Chapter 19 Earth's Natural Resources
Chapter 20 Human Impact on Earth's Resources Unit 9: Exploring Space Chapter 21 Earth and Its Moon
Chapter 22 The Solar System
Chapter 23 Stars
Chapter 24 Galaxies and the Universe

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