Java Programming: From The Ground Up

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January 22, 2009


Mixed media product, 1136 pages


0073523356 / 9780073523354


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Main description

Java Programming, From The Ground Up, with its flexible organization, teaches Java in a way that is refreshing, fun, interesting and still has all the appropriate programming pieces for students to learn. The motivation behind this writing is to bring a logical, readable, entertaining approach to keep your students involved. Each chapter has a Bigger Picture section at the end of the chapter to provide a variety of interesting related topics in computer science. The writing style is conversational and not overly technical so it addresses programming concepts appropriately. Because of the flexibile organization of the text, it can be used for a one or two semester introductory Java programming class, as well as using Java as a second language.

The text contains a large variety of carefully designed exercises that are more effective than the competition.

Table of contents

Part I: The Fundamental Tools 1. An Introduction to Computers and Java 2. Expressions and Data Types 3. Variables and Assignment 4. Selection and Decision: if Statements 5. Repetition 6. Methods 7. Arrays and Lists: One Name for Many Data 8. Recursion Part II: Principles of Object Oriented Programming 9. Objects and Classes I: Encapsulation, Strings, and Things 10. Objects and Classes II: Writing Your Own Classes 11. Designing With Classes and Objects 12. Inheritance 13. Polymorphism Part III: More Java Classes 14. More Java Classes: The Wrapper Classes and Exceptions 15. Stream I/O and Random Access Files 16. Data Structures and Generics 17. The Java Collections Framework Part IV: Basic Graphics, GUIs, and Java's Event-Driven Model 18. Graphics: AWT and Swing 19. Event Driven Programming 20. A Case Study: Video Poker Revisited Appendix A: Java Keywords Appendix B: The ASCII Character Set Appendix C: Operator Precedence Appendix D: Javadoc Appendix E: Package


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