Programming in Visual C# 2008

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January 8, 2009


Mixed media product, 704 pages


0073517216 / 9780073517216


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Main description

Be sharp. Learn C#. Programming in Visual C# 2008 gives you a fresh and easily accessible approach to learning programming concepts using Visual C# for 2008, one of the most pervasive programming languages in the job market today. Best-selling authors Bradley and Millspaugh apply their proven pedagogy, incorporating basic concepts of programming, problem solving, and programming logic and design techniques to teach a mastery of Visual C# at an introductory level. A hands-on approach, Programming in Visual C# 2008 lets you begin programming in the very first chapter. Thought-provoking feedback questions and in-chapter tips are dispersed throughout so students can reflect on a topic introduced and evaluate their understanding of the details. Comprehensive Hands-On Programming Examples found in each chapter reinforce the programming logic and techniques learned in the chapter.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Programming and Visual C# 2008 1 Chapter 2 User Interface Design 67 Chapter 3 Variables, Constants, and Calculations 107 Chapter 4 Decisions and Conditions 157 Chapter 5 Menus, Common Dialog Boxes, and Methods 217 Chapter 6 Multiform Projects 259 Chapter 7 Lists, Loops, and Printing 293 Chapter 8 Arrays 331 Chapter 9 Web Applications 369 Chapter 10 Database Applications 411 Chapter 11 Data Files 451 Chapter 12 OOP: Creating Object-Oriented Programs 481 Chapter 13 Graphics, Animation, Sound, and Drag-and-Drop 535 Chapter 14 Additional Topics in C# 571 Appendix A Answers to Feedback Questions 613 Appendix B Methods for Working with Dates, Mathematics, and String Operations 627 Appendix C Tips and Shortcuts for Mastering the Environment 635 Appendix D Security 653 Glossary 657 Index 668

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