Legal Terminology Explained

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April 10, 2008


Paperback, 432 pages


0073511846 / 9780073511849


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Main description

The Nation's First Comprehensive Legal Terminology Textbook!

Legal Terminology Explained is designed for students and teachers in legal career programs, in law-related programs, and in programs that overlap the law. It provides accurate definitions to law-related words and phrases and discusses each word and phrase in a brief narrative among related words and phrases, in a logical progression, according to a high-level outline. It strips legal terminology of its oftentimes confusing, excessive, or unnecessary explanations and in turn, provides the student with clear and concise definitions.

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Table of contents

PART 1: LAWChapter 1. Law, GenerallyChapter 2. Law, OriginsPART 2: PEOPLE IN LAWChapter 3. LawyersChapter 4. Legal EthicsChapter 5. Law-Related ProfessionalsPART 3: CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND GOVERNMENTChapter 6. The Constitution and Government, GenerallyChapter 7. Legislative BranchChapter 8. Executive Branch and Judicial BranchChapter 9. Administrative Agencies and Administrative LawChapter 10. State and Local GovernmentChapter 11. The Bill of RightsChapter 12. Amendments after the Bill of RightsChapter 13. Military, Immigration, and International LawPART 4: CIVIL LAW: STATUS ISSUESChapter 14. Family Law: Generally and MarriageChapter 15. Family Law: Marriage TerminationChapter 16. Property: Ownership and the Estate SystemChapter 17. Property: Title to Land and Land TransfersChapter 18. Property: Other Rights and ResponsibilitiesChapter 19. Intestate Succession and WillsChapter 20. Will-Related Documents and TrustsChapter 21. Estate AdministrationChapter 22. TaxationPART 5: CIVIL LAW: BUSINESS ISSUESChapter 23. Contracts: Elements and Common DefensesChapter 24. Contracts: Performance and Other TopicsChapter 25. Commercial LawChapter 26. Agency and PartnershipChapter 27. CorporationsChapter 28. Business RegulationChapter 29. BankruptcyChapter 30. Intellectual PropertyPART 6: CIVIL LAW: SOCIAL ISSUESChapter 31. Social Legislation and Environmental LawChapter 32. Labor and Employment LawChapter 33. Torts: Generally and Intentional TortsChapter 34. Torts: Negligence and Strict LiabilityChapter 35. Torts Against Valuable RelationshipsPART 7. CIVIL LAW: PROCEDUREChapter 36. Civil Courts and Procedure, GenerallyChapter 37. Filing a LawsuitChapter 38. Pleadings and PartiesChapter 39. Discovery and Alternatives To TrialChapter 40. Inside the CourtroomChapter 41. Jury TrialsChapter 42. Trial, Generally Chapter 43. EvidenceChapter 44. Post-Trial and CollectionChapter 45. Appeals, GenerallyPART 8: CRIMINAL LAW: SUBSTANTIVE ISSUESChapter 46. Criminal Responsibility and Defenses, GenerallyChapter 47. Crimes Against PersonsChapter 48. Crimes Against PropertyPART 9: CRIMINAL LAW: PROCEDUREChapter 49. Criminal Courts and Procedure, GenerallyChapter 50. Search, Seizure, and ArrestChapter 51. Charged With a CrimeChapter 52. Trial In a Criminal CaseChapter 53. Verdicts and SentencingChapter 54. Criminal Appeals and Corrections PART 10: LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITINGChapter 55. Legal Research: Primary AuthorityChapter 56. Legal Research: Secondary AuthorityChapter 57. Legal Writing

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