Shifting the Center: Understanding Contemporary Families

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May 21, 2010


Mixed media product, 768 pages


0073404233 / 9780073404233


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Main description

Shifting the Center: Understanding Contemporary Families explores the issues and diversity of contemporary families, presenting balanced coverage of racial and ethnic variation and discussing a wide variety of family arrangements and processes. 25 out of the 54 selections included are new to this edition.

Table of contents

* indicates new reading Preface I. Introduction to the Study of Families 1. Diana Gittins, "The Family in Question: What is the Family? Is It Universal?" 2. Maxine Baca Zinn, "Feminist Rethinking from Racial-Ethnic Families" *3. Maureen Sullivan, "The Emergence of Lesbian-Coparent Families in Postmodern Society" *4. Frank F. Furstenberg, "Values, Policy, and the Family" II. Historical Changes and Family Variations 5. Stephanie Coontz, "Historical Perspectives on Family Diversity" *6. Bonnie Thornton Dill, "Fictive Kin, Paper Sons, and Compradazgo" *7. Shirley Hill, "The Politics of Theorizing Black Families: Old Debates, New Directions" *8. Karen Pyke, "'The Normal American Family' as an Interpretive Structure of Family Life among Grown children of Korean and Vietnamese Immigrants" *9. Rae Lesser Blumberg, "Gender, Economy, and Kinship in Complex Households among Six U.S. Ethnic Groups" III. Courtship, Dating, and Power 10. Martin King Whyte, Choosing Mates--The American Way *11. Laura Hamilton and Elizabeth A. Armstrong, "Gendered Sexuality in Young Adulthood: Double Binds and Flawed Options" 12. Ritch C. Savin-Williams, "Dating and Romantic Relationships Among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youths" *13. Monisha Pasupathi, "Arranged Marriages: What's Love Got to Do With It?" IV. Marriage, Cohabitation, and Partnership 14. Andrew J. Cherlin, "The Deinstitutionalization of Marriage" *15. Melanie Heath, "State of Our Unions: Marriage Promotion and the Contested Power of Heterosexuality" *16. Naomi Gerstel and Natalia Sarkisian, "Marriage: The Good, the Bad, and the Greedy" 17. Hung Cam Thai, "Clashing Dreams: Highly Educated Overseas Brides and Low-Wage U.S. Husbands" 18. Judith A. Seltzer, "Families Formed Outside of Marriage" *19. Irene Levin, "Living Apart Together: A New Family Form" 20. Gretchen A. Stiers, "From This Day Forward: Commitment, Marriage, and Family in Lesbian and Gay Relationships" V. Motherhood and Fatherhood Motherhood 21. Patricia Hill Collins, "Shifting the Center: Race, Class, and Feminist Theorizing about Motherhood" 22. Rachel Salazar Parrenas, "Mothering From a Distance: Emotions, Gender, and Intergenerational Relations in Filipino Transnational Families" *23. Teresa Toguchi Swartz, "Mothering for the State: Foster Parenting and the Challenges of Government-Contracted Carework" Fatherhood 24. Scott Coltrane, "Fathering: Paradoxes, Contradictions, and Dilemmas" 25. Jennifer Hamer, "What It Means to Be Daddy: Fatherhood for Black Men Living Away From Their Children" *26. Rosanna Hertz, "The Father as an Idea" VI. Parents and Parenting, Children and Childrearing *27. Karen V. Hansen, "Not-so-Nuclear Families: Class, Gender, and Networks of Care" *28. Ellen E. Pinderhughes and Brenda Jones Harden, "Beyond the Birth Family: African American Children Reared by Alternative Caregivers" *29. Katherin M. Flower Kim, "Out of Sorts: Adoption and (Un)Desirable Children" 30. Judith Stacey and Timothy J. Biblarz, "How) Does The Sexual Orientation of Parents Matter?" 31. Annette Lareau, "Invisible Inequality: Social Class and Childrearing in Black Families and White Families" *32. Allison J. Pugh, "Consumption as Care and Belonging: Economies of Dignity in Children's Daily Lives" VII. Grandparents and Multigenerational Relationships 33. Lynne M. Casper and Suzanne M. Bianchi, "Grandparenting" 34. Kathleen S. Bahr, "The Strengths of Apache Grandmothers: Observations on Commitment, Culture, and Caretaking" 35. Luisa Margolies, "My Mother's Hip: Lessons from the World of Eldercare" VIII. Divorce, Remarriage, and Blended Families *36. Michele Adams and Scott Coltrane, "Framing Divorce Reform: Media, Morality, and the Politics of Family" *37. Carrie Yodanis, "Divorce Culture and Marital Gender Equality: A Cross-National Study" *38. Susan Walzer and Thomas P. Oles, "Accounting for Divorce: Gender and Uncoupling Narratives" 39. Mary Ann Mason, "The Modern American Stepfamily: Problems and Possibilities" 40. William Marsiglio, "Overlooked Aspects of Stepfathering" IX. Families and Violence 41. Kersti A. Yllo, "Through a Feminist Lens: Gender, Diversity, and Violence: Extending the Feminist Framework" 42. Staya P. Krishnan and Malahat Baig-Aminet al., "Lifting the Veil of Secrecy: Domestic Violence Against South Asian Women in the United States" 43. Claire M. Renzetti, "Toward a Better Understanding of Lesbian Battering" 44. Ola Barnett, Cindy L. Miller-Perrin, and Robin D. Perrin, "Abuse of Elders" X. Families, Work, and Carework 45. Kathleen Gerson and Jerry A. Jacobs, "The Work-Home Crunch" *46. Pamela Stone and Meg Lovejoy, "Fast Track Women and the 'Choice' to Stay Home" *47. Joanna Dreby, "Negotiating Work and Parenting over the Life Course: Mexican Family Dynamics in a Binational Context" *48. Veronica Tichenor, "Gendered Bargain: Why Wives Cannot Trade Their Money for Housework" 49. Christopher Carrington, "No Place Like Home: The Division of Domestic Labor in Lesbigay Families" *50. Evelyn Nakano Glenn, "Creating a Caring Society" XI. Families and Poverty 51. Mark Rank, "As American as Apple Pie: Poverty and Welfare" 52. Sharon Hays, "Flat Broke With Children: The Ground Level Results of Welfare Reform" *53. Kathyrn Edin and Maria Kefalas, "Unmarried with Children" *54. Lee Rainwater and Timothy M. Smeeding, "Is There Hope for America's Low-Income Children?"

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