Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits

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August 15, 2000


Hardback, 704 pages


0072380322 / 9780072380323


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Main description

The CMOS technology area has quickly grown, calling for a new text--and here it is, covering the analysis and design of CMOS integrated circuits that practicing engineers need to master to succeed. Filled with many examples and chapter-ending problems, the book not only describes the thought process behind each circuit topology, but also considers the rationale behind each modification. The analysis and design techniques focus on CMOS circuits but also apply to other IC technologies.

Table of contents

1 Introduction to Analog Design2 Basic MOS Device Physics3 Single-Stage Amplifiers4 Differential Amplifiers5 Passive and Active Current Mirrors6 Frequency Response of Amplifiers7 Noise8 Feedback9 Operational Amplifiers10 Stability and Frequency Compensation11 Bandgap References12 Introduction to Switched-Capacitor Circuits13 Nonlinearity and Mismatch14 Oscillators15 Phase-Locked Loops16 Short-Channel Effects and Device Models17 CMOS Processing Technology18 Layout and Packaging

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