How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Excel 2003

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October 9, 2003


Mixed media product, 448 pages


0072230711 / 9780072230710


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Main description

Here is the ideal resource for anyone who wants to get the most out of all the new and enhanced features Excel has to offer. Learn the best methods for formatting, printing, and sharing worksheets, adding graphics, importing and exporting data to and from the Web--and much more.

Table of contents

Part I: Get Started with Excel and Create Worksheets 1: Get Started with Excel 2: Configure Excel to Suit Your Working Needs 3: Create Spreadsheets and Enter Data 4: Format Worksheets for Best Effect 5: Add Graphics and Drawings to Worksheets 6: Check, Lay Out, and Print Worksheets Part II: Calculate, Manipulate, and Analyze Data 7: Perform Calculations with Functions 8: Create Formulas to Perform Custom Calculations 9: Organize Data with Excel Databases 10: Outline and Consolidate Worksheets 11: Analyze Data Using PivotTables and PivotCharts 12: Solve Problems by Performing What-If Analysis Part III: Share, Publish, and Present Data 13: Create Effective Charts to Present Data Visually 14: Share Workbooks and Collaborate with Colleagues 15: Using Excel's Web Capabilities 16: Use Excel with the Other Office Applications Part IV: Customize and Automate Excel 17: Customize Excel's Interface 18: Use Macros to Automate Tasks Appendix: Keyboard Shortcuts

Author comments

Kate J. Chase (Marshfield, VT) is an author, journalist, and online technical support consultant who has written, contributed to, or edited more than a dozen PC reference books, including PC Disaster and Recovery (Sybex, Christmas 2002) and Instant E-Commerce! (Sybex, 2001), as well as Windows XP Power Tools (Sybex, 2002), Office XP Complete (Sybex, 2002), Microsoft Office 2000 Troubleshooting and Problem Solving (Course Technology, 2000), and The IRQ Book (McGraw-Hill, 1999). Kate has been an active participant in Microsoft's Office beta program and has been using the Office 11 beta since November. Her work has appeared on's Office Web site as well on the Microsoft Network, America Online and ZDnet in addition to her books in print.

Back cover copy

Looking for clear, concise instructions on creating powerful but easy-to-use spreadsheets? How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Excel 2003 will quickly get you using Excel's many features. Learn the basics of worksheets and workbooks, how to enter and format data and graphics, and how to create templates so you can reuse the workbooks you develop. Then build databases for storing and analyzing your data, solve problems by performing what-if analysis, and share your workbooks securely with others so that you can integrate their input. Along the way, you'll learn shortcuts to make it easier to use Excel.

  • Configure and customize Excel to suit your working needs
  • Create spreadsheets, enter data, and format for maximum effect
  • Add impact to your worksheets with graphics, drawings, and photos
  • Use functions and formulas to perform simple and complex calculations
  • Integrate Excel with the other Office applications
  • Build databases and create PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Use what-if analysis to solve complex business problems
  • Publish your worksheets as interactive Web pages or save them as XML files

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