HTML: The Complete Reference

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March 22, 1999


Electronic book text, 1130 pages


0072132868 / 9780072132861

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Main description

HTML is a core technology in Web site development and, now that Microsoft Office now supports HTML, more users than ever will need a comprehensive reference and tutorial. All current versions of HTML will remain the standard for at least two years, so this book will have a long shelf-life. Author has been using the previous edition of the textbook for his HTML classes and has incorporated valuable student input and proven teaching methods into this edition. Covers the latest technologies--XML, SXL, ASP, CDF, and CSS2--as well as the new versions of broswers from Netscape and Microsoft.

Table of contents

Part I: Web Basics. Introduction to HTML. Web Publishing. Introduction to Common HTML. Links and Addressing. HTML and Images. Introduction to Layout: Backgrounds, Colors, and Text. Layout with Tables. Advanced Layout: Frames and Layers. HTML and Other Media Types. Style Sheets. Part III: Programming the HTML. Basic Interactivity and HTML: Forms. Introduction to Server-Side Programming. Introduction to Scripting and HTML. Dynamic HTML (DHTML). Client-Side Programming and HTML. Part IV: Site Delivery. Putting It All Together: Delivering the Web Site. Part V: New Horizons. XML: Beyond HTML. Future Directions. Part VI: Appendices: A: HTML Element Reference. B: Style Sheet Reference. C: Special Characters. D: Fonts. E: Color Names and Hexadecimal Codes. F: Reading a Document Type Definition.

Back cover copy

The definitive, all-inclusive resource for HTML! Create powerful, interactive Web pages and sites with HTML: The Complete Reference, Second Edition, the most in-depth tutorial and reference on HTML programming available! Top-selling author Thomas A. Powell provides lessons, techniques, and examples based on his highly successful UCSD Extension Web Publishing Certficate Program. Discover how to use HTML in conjunction with the latest Web technologies, including CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, ColdFusion, XML, and Active Server Pages, and learn how HTML works with Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is the only HTML book you'll need! Inside, you'll find out how to: master simple to complex Web page design using step-by-step tutorials; get the facts on WebTV, Netscape Navigator, and Internet Explorer; build client interactivity easily with Dynamic HTML (DHTML); describe, deliver, and exchange structured data between multiple applications with Extensible Markup Language (XML); control color, font, and layout with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), TGI, and ColdFusion; use forms and the advanced scripting potential of Active Server Pages (ASP) to create complete applications that work on the Web; maximize your productivity with a 400-page reference section including HTML tags, color/HEX values, color names, fonts, and style sheets.

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