Innovation the NASA Way: Harnessing the Power of Your Organization for Breakthrough Success

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April 15, 2014


Mixed media product, 256 pages


007182913X / 9780071829137


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Main description

Launch your business to new heights with out-of-this world innovation

For over half a century, NASA has delivered a continuous stream of innovative accomplishments that have inspired the world. Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, the space shuttle pioneering reusable space planes, Mars rovers exploring the red planet--the list goes on. We read the stories and watch the footage, and as impossible as these achievements seem, NASA makes them look easy.

The most innovative organization in history, NASA holds an otherworldly mystique for those of us who look on in awe. But behind every one of NASA's amazing innovations lie carefully managed operations, just like any other organization.

Innovation the NASA Way provides practical, proven lessons that will help you envision the future of your organization with clarity, meet every challenge with tenacity, and manage innovation with groundbreaking creativity.

NASA insider Rod Pyle has used the agency's unique methods for driving innovation to train leaders from eBay, the Federal Reserve, Michelin tires, Conoco/Phillips, and many other Fortune 100 and 500 companies. now, for the first time, NASA's cutting-edge strategies for nurturing and fostering innovation are revealed.

Innovation the NASA Way takes you on a tour through the programs that pushed the envelope on the agency's leadership and managerial capacity. It describes the seemingly impossible tasks NASA personnel faced, explains how each challenge was met with forward-looking management methods, and describes the extraordinary innovations that resulted.

Learn how NASA built the Lunar Module, the first true spaceship; created the Saturn V's F-1 rocket motor, the most powerful ever built; and how it creates partnerships with the new players in space-private entrepreneurs. These are just a few of the projects covered in the book.

Space exploration may be NASA's mission, but its innovative leadership practices are founded on solid, down-to-earth methods anyone can apply, anywhere.


"Pyle insightfully and skillfully draws out the methods and strategies naSa has employed to achieve its lofty goals. It innovates so far outside the box that the box disappears. Pyle suggests its touchstones are boldness, daring, and passion, and he suggests you can bring those traits into your business." -- DON CAMBOU, executive Producer of History Channel's Modern Marvels

"Pyle highlights NASA's key innovation lessons and leaves you with amazing stories you'll want to remember and use in your organization." -- STEVEN FENTRESS, Planetarium Director at Rochester Museum & Science Center

"From building rocket engines to exploring Mars and beyond, Rod Pyle has written a very readable and eminently practical volume that documents the challenges, solutions, and lessons learned from NASA's storied history. To read it is to be inspired to recreate in today's challenging world NASA's daring, boldness and passion." -- STEVEN J. DICK, Former NASA Chief historian

"Fuel your inspiration with this fascinating book explaining the key lessons of NASA's innovation and exploration of space. Pyle's meaingful insights will improve your business." -- LUKAS VIGLIETTI, President, Swissapollo, Swiss Space Association

Table of contents

Foreword by Lori Garver
CHAPTER 1: Curiosity: Seven Minutes of Terror
CHAPTER 2: Red Moon
CHAPTER 3: Riding the Fire: The X-15
CHAPTER 4: First to Mars: Mariner 4
CHAPTER 5: Swimming in Space
CHAPTER 6: The Day NASA Grew Up: Apollo 1
CHAPTER 7: The Bug
CHAPTER 8: Taming the Dragon: The F-1 Rocket Engine
CHAPTER 9: The Big Squeeze: The Saturn V's Incredible Second Stage
CHAPTER 10: A Daring Gambit: Apollo 8
CHAPTER 11: Apollo 11: Center of Gravity
CHAPTER 12: Tomorrowland: Saving Skylab
CHAPTER 13: Project Viking:Looking for Life on Mars
CHAPTER 14: Into the Great Darkness: Voyager's Incredible Journey
CHAPTER 15: Compromise 101: The Space Shuttle--Doing More for Less
CHAPTER 16: Buck Rogers: The International Space Station
CHAPTER 17: NewSpace: Capitalism Shining Bright
CHAPTER 18: Coming Home: Bringing NASA's Lessons to Your Business

Author comments

Rod Pyle led leadership training at NASA's Johnson Space Center for C-Suite executives. he has written extensively on space exploration and the inner workings of NASA and similar institutions. Pyle is a frequent contributor to the huffi ngton Post and, as well as other space-related media outlets. His documentaries on NASA have appeared on the History Channel and other major television outlets. Pyle is a popular speaker whose radio interviews are heard worldwide.

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