The Infographic Resume: How to Create a Visual Portfolio that Showcases Your Skills and Lands the Job

The Infographic Resume: How to Create a Visual Portfolio that Showcases Your Skills and Lands the Job
By:Morgan, Hannah;
Pub Date:August 25th 2014
Format:Paperback 224 pages
ISBN:0071825576 / 9780071825573
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The STANDOUT guide to creating a stunning resume

Applying for a job used to require two pieces of paper: a resume and an application. Times have changed.

Infographic resumes are in, and they're not just for designers. Free online tools are popping up every day to help anyone create a dynamic, visual resume--adding panache without sacrificing substance for style.

The Infographic Resume provides essential tips and ideas for how to create visual resumes and portfolios that will make you stand out from the crowd. Richly illustrated in full color and including lots of inspiring examples, the book will teach you how to:

  • Create a powerful digital presence and develop the right digital content for your goals
  • Build your self-brand and manage your online reputation
  • Showcase your best work online
  • Grab a hiring manager's attention in seconds

Packed with dynamic infographics, visual resumes, and other creative digital portfolios, The Infographic Resume reveals the most effective tools, eye-catching strategies, and best practices to position yourself for any job in any kind of business.

"In today's free-agent economy, The Infographic Resume is a must for anyone looking to stand out among the competition."
-- Sharlyn Lauby, president of ITM Group, Inc.

"If you're on the market, you need to read this book and follow its guidance immediately."
-- Alexandra Levit , author of Blind Spots

Table of contents

Chapter 1: How We Got Where We Are Today
Changes in Hiring, Workforce and Technology
1. The Paper Resume Is Dying
2. Job Boards and Resume Databases Are Morphing
3. The Dreaded Black Hole
4. The Rise of Referrals
5. Employer Candidate Mismatch
6. Communication Mismatch
7. The Gig Economy
8. The Web becomes a tool for the masses
9. Trend Setters Open Doors
10. The Rise of LinkedIn
Power to the People- Look like a rock star
New Thinking
The Many Hats You'll Wear
Today Is Your Day
Chapter 2: Your Online Portfolio
What Will You Include in Your Portfolio
What to Showcase
Your Bio or Summary
Social Media outlet links
Letters of recommendation
Satisfied customer/client emails
Awards or recognition
Special projects
Volunteer involvement
The Best Portfolio Is One You Own: Claim Your Domain
Buy the URL
Option 1: Create Your Site
Pages for Your Online Portfolio/Website
Option 2: Creative Portfolio Platforms and Communities
Sample Portfolios
Chapter 3: Telling The Story of You
Inventory Your Assets
Personality Traits
Your Technical Skills
Industry Experience
A Framework for Documenting Your Accomplishment
Summing It Up
A System for Explaining
The Pitch
Key Components To Gather
The All Important, Yet Dreaded, Headshot
Bio or Summary
The Summary On Your Resume
Your LinkedIn Summary
Your Bio
Your Value Proposition
Your Resume
Social Media Outlets
Most Popular Social Networks
Claim Your Profiles Across Social Media Outlets
Tools For Hosting and Sharing Files
Media Sharing Networks
Portfolio of Work
Chapter 4: Resumes With Visual Flare
Making the Initial Cut
Does Your Resume Answer These Questions
Test Your Resume
The Most Common Pitfalls to Avoid
Learn From Graphic Designers
Visual Resumes
Putting Your Toe in the Graphic Water
Totally Out of the Box
What Won't Work
Words of Caution
Chapter 5: Infographic Resumes
Data Visualization
Who Is Using Infographic Resumes?
Infographics Used By Non-Creatives
The Beauty Is In Share-ability
Success Stories
Generating Ideas Is Only Step One
Chapter 6: Professionally Crafted Infographic Resumes
Get A Winning Design
Anyone Can Have An Infographic Resume
No two snowflakes are alike
Chapter 7: Creating Your Own Infographic Resume
Design Basics
Components of Design
Color Combination Tools
Typeface Matters
Art, Illustration & Photography
Rules for Creating Great Infographics
Planning Your Infographic
Gather Ideas From Other Infographics
Chose The Best Infographic Elements
Create Your Own Word Cloud
Stats or Key Facts
QR Code Generator
Tools To Create Infographics
Infographic Resume Applications
Advice To Ponder
Chapter 8: Don't Overlook LinkedIn
Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Portfolio
What Media Can I Add?
Where To Put Embedded Media
What to Showcase
I've Got Nothing
LinkedIn Profile Check List
Vanity URL
Other Web References
Work Experience
Embed Media
Skills and Expertise
Certifications, Test Scores, Courses
Honors & Awards, Publications, Patents
Organizations, Volunteering & Causes
Personal Details
Make it Complete
Make It Public
Special Sections for College Students or Recent Graduates
How To Get The Most Out of LinkedIn
Share What You Know In Group Discussions
Follow Companies
Applying for Jobs Through LinkedIn
More Ways to Get More From LinkedIn
Sample LinkedIn Profiles
One Final Word of Caution
Chapter 9: Social Resumes
Who Benefits Most?
How To Set Up Social Resumes
Don't Be Too Wordy
Choosing the Right Name and Handle
Choosing the Right Photo
Connecting Sites and Content to Your Profile
Link or Post Your Social Resume to Your Website or Online Portfolio
Ways to Share Your Social Resume
Proactively Send It To A Potential Employer
Fringe Benefits
Social Resume Sites
Career Cloud's Social Resume
Claim Your Terrain
Chapter 10: Interactive Resumes and Slideshows
Presentations Rock
How To Get Started
Emulate Great Presenters
Start With A Story Board
Convert to a Presentation
Find and Use Images
Design Elements
Presentation Tools
It's not the tool, it's the content
Super Simple and Slick
Vizify Profile Options
Success Stories
Company Specific Campaigns
Going Viral
Step Up Your Game
Chapter 11: Choose What You Share Online Carefully
Do Recruiters Really Care What You Are Saying Online?
Prominent Social Networks
Independent Adoption of Social Media
Company Adoption of Social Media
Plan What You'll Talk About On-line
Share Industry News
Share Events or Activities You Participate In
Find and Follow Online Talent Communities, Recruiter and Employer Accounts
What To Avoid Saying Online
Attract Attention With Hashtags
Proactive Targeting
Do The Two-Step
Step One
Step Two
Use The Power Of LinkedIn
Don't Stop There
How To Share Your Infographic Resume
Name It Wisely
Give Your Infographic Resume a Home
Get a Tumblr Page for Your Career
Share It With Your Network
Share It With People at Target Companies
Post It Everywhere and Often
Create A Pinboard for Your Career Documentation
Instagram Updates
Pulling It All Together
Chapter 12: Numbers Speak
Your First Priority
You Second Priority
Your Third Priority
No Tracking, No Problem
Social Proof Through Measurement
Take Corrective Action Before It's Too Late
Tap Into Objective Resources
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