Dissolved Air Flotation For Water Clarification

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October 25, 2011


Mixed media product, 352 pages


0071745629 / 9780071745628


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Main description

The definitive work on Dissolved Air Flotation Systems (DAF) for clarification of drinking water

Dissolved Air Flotation for Water Clarification is a complete design and application source for the water industry divided into three parts:

  • The first develops a fundamental basis for understanding how the process works, and might be adapted to work better.
  • The second provides a reference for design engineers, water operators, and water managers regarding applications where DAF might be incorporated in an overall treatment scheme.
  • The third develops the necessary DAF design concepts and to illustrate them by description of practical applications.

Using DAF to remove particles is not only an important process for conventional drinking water plants, but may also be used as a pre-treatment process in membrane plants including reverse osmosis for water desalinization, and in water reuse applications.

Dissolved Air Flotation for Water Clarification offers:

  • Information on new applications of DAF in advanced water treatment, desalinization, water reuse, and industrial treatment in food, waste, and pulp and paper
  • Detailed examples, including the world's largest new DAF plant ever built - Croton, NY water treatment plant
  • A single volume entirely devoted to DAF for drinking water clarification
  • Coverage of conventional and pre-treatment processes
  • SI and conventional units throughout

Table of contents

Introduction History of Dissolved Air Flotation Air Saturation Air Precipitation Air Bubbles and Particles in Water Pretreatment Coagulation and Flocculation Contact Zone Separation Zone Float Layer Removal Process Selection and Design Conventional Applications for Drinking Water Treatment Additional Applications Dissolved Air Flotation for Desalination Pretreatment Appendices

Author comments

James K Edzwald is Professor Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering, the University of Massachusetts and former Director of the Institute in Drinking Water Treatment. He is the Editor of Water Treatment Plant Design, Fifth Edition. Mr. Edzwald was the Program Chair of the International Conference on Flotation in Water and Wastewater - September 2007, Seoul, South Korea.

Johannes Haarhoff is Professor of Civil Engineering Science at the University of Johannesburg. He developed the Water Research Group, a center of excellence at the University for applied research in water treatment.

Back cover copy

Published in collaboration with the American Water Works Association, the Authoritative resource explains how the dissolved air floatation (DAF) processes works and addresses how DAF can be incorporated in overall water treatment schemes. The use of DAF for the following drinking water applications discussed in detail: clarification in conventional treatment; clarification pretreatment low-pressure and High-pressure membrane plants, especially in desalination applications, clarification in water reuse, and treatment of spent filter backwash waters. DAF design concepts are presented and illustrated with real-world examples and practical applications.

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