Oracle VM Implementation and Administration Guide

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August 5, 2011


Electronic book text, 448 pages

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0071639209 / 9780071639200

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Main description

Master the Powerful Virtualization Tools in Oracle VM

Set up and maintain a dynamic virtualization platform across your enterprise using the detailed information contained in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle VM Implementation and Administration Guide contains key virtualization concepts, practical instructions, examples, and best practices. Find out how to design Oracle VM server farms, build and deploy virtual machines, handle provisioning and cloning, and work with Oracle VM Manager. Monitoring, tuning, and security techniques are also covered in this comprehensive volume.

  • Install, configure, and manage all Oracle VM components
  • Plan, size, and set up Oracle VM server farms and server pools
  • Control resources from Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Oracle VM Manager, and Oracle VM Command Line Interface
  • Govern network drives and virtual storage using Oracle VM tools
  • Create virtual machines manually or from Oracle library templates
  • Convert existing virtual machines on other systems to Oracle VM virtual machines
  • Generate virtual machine clones that run on multiple server pools
  • Maintain guest operating systems and software using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control's Oracle VM Management Pack

Table of contents

Part 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction to Virtualization
Chapter 2: What is Oracle VM?
Chapter 3: Oracle VM Architecture
Chapter 4: Oracle VM Lifecycle Management
Chapter 5: Planning and Sizing the Enterprise VM Farm
Part 2: Installing and Configuring Oracle VM
Chapter 6: Installing the Oracle VM Server
Chapter 7: Installing and Configuring Oracle VM Manager
Chapter 8: Configuring VM Manager and VM Server
Chapter 9: Installing and Configuring the Oracle VM CLI
Chapter 10: Configuring the VM Server Network
Chapter 11: Configuring the VM Server Storage
Part 3: Managing Oracle VM
Chapter 12: Creating Server Pools and Servers
Chapter 13: Configuring Server Resources
Chapter 14: Managing the VM Environment
Chapter 15: Using the Oracle VM CLI
Chapter 16: Monitoring and Tuning the Virtual Machine Server
Part 4: Installing and Configuring the Guest OS
Chapter 17: Creating Virtual Machines Using Templates
Chapter 18: Creating Virtual Machines Manually
Chapter 19: Creating Templates
Chapter 20: Converting External Virtual Images to Oracle VM
Chapter 21: Managing Virtual Machines
Chapter 22: Virtualization Summary and Best Practices

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