Mastering the Techniques of IOL Power Calculations, Second Edition

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August 14, 2009


Mixed media product, 400 pages


0071634363 / 9780071634366


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Main description

Presents all aspects of IOL power calculations by international masters of the field.

In the past, patients quietly accepted needing an eyeglass prescription after cataract surgery. That is no longer true. This textbook explains just why a more complex evaluation of the eye is needed, and will describe the state of the art in the technology used to ensure the best possible results today.

IOL power calculation is a complex and important subject. A number of new formulas have come up for cataract and refractive surgeons which deliver good outcomes and provide another avenue to validate IOL selections. This international book of IOL power calculations covers all aspects of calculations from normal cornea to after refractive surgery, in Phaco/Microphaco, on irregular corneal surgace, in phakic IOLs, in corneal scarring and astigmatism, and in pediatric cataract surgery.

Table of contents

Section 1: Preliminary Considerations and Various IOL Power Calculation Formulas and Basics 1.Schematic Eye3 Athiya Agarwal, Amar Agarwal, Ashok Garg (India) 2.A-scan Biometry5 Sunita Agarwal, Amar Agarwal, Ashok Garg (India) 3.Corneal Topography10 Athiya Agarwal, Sunita Agarwal, Amar Agarwal, Nilesh Kanjani (India) 4.Optical Corneal Tomography21 Sandra Franco, Jose B Almeida (Portugal), Manuel Parafita (Spain) 5.Optical Biometry with IOL Master (Partial Coherence Interferometry)24 Ashok Garg (India) 6.Anterior Chamber Depth in IOL Power Estimation26 Aravind R Reddy (UK) 7.How to Calculate the Constant A28 Sonja Hairer, Tom Conze, Jerome Bovet (Switzerland) 8.Axial Length Dependence of IOL Constants31 Wolfgang Haigis (Germany) 9.IOL Calculations: When, How and Which?36 Kumar J Doctor, Nita Shanbhag, Sumita Karandikar, Pooja Deshmukkh (India) 10.How to Measure a Correct Central Keratometric Reading for IOL Power Calculation after LASIK Surgery?46 Lung-Kun Yeh, I-Jong Wang (Taiwan) 11.An Update on IOL Power Calculation Formulas51 JT Lin (Taiwan), Ashok Garg (India) 12.The New IOL Formulas based on Gaussian Optics62 JT Lin (Taiwan) 13.Classical vs Modern Formulas for Estimated Lens Position (ELP)70 JT Lin (Taiwan) 14.IOL Power Calculations75 Kenneth J Hoffer (Santa Monica, CA, USA) 15.The Theoretical Summary of IOL Formulas92 JT Lin (Taiwan) 16.Error Analysis of IOL Power Calculations101 JT Lin (Taiwan) 17.The Basics of Accommodating IOLs106 JT Lin (Taiwan) 18.IOL Calculation in Long and Short Eyes114 Wolfgang Haigis (Germany) 19.Customization of IOL Formulas121 B Vineeth Kumar (UK) Section 2: IOL Power Calculations in Cataract Surgery 20.Intraocular Lens Power Selection for Children127 Rupal H Trivedi (USA), M Edward Wilson Jr (USA) 21.Age Dependent IOL Power Calculations for Pediatric Patients136 JT Lin (Taiwan) 22.History & Method of Intraocular Lens Power Calculation for Cataract Extraction Surgery after Corneal Refractive Surgery142 Alberto Artola Roig, Jorge L Alio Y Sanz (Spain) 23.Intraocular Lens Power Calculations in Phaco and Microphaco146 Ashok Garg (India), Arif Adenwala (UAE) 24.Intraocular Lens Power Calculations for High Myopia153 Renyuan Chu, Jinhui Dai (China) 25.Accuracy of Intraocular Lens Power Calculation in Bimanual Microphacoemulsification159 Gian Maria Cavallini, Luca Campi, Giovanni Neri (Italy) 26.Clinical Outcomes of Cataract Surgery after Previous Refractive Surgery164 Frank J Goes (Belgium) Section 3: IOL Power Calculations in Refractive Surgery (Corneal and Lenticular Refractive Surgery) 27.IOL Power Calculations: A Topographic Method175 Frederic Hehn (France) 28.IOL Power Calculation in Post-hyperopic PresbyLASIK Cataract: Preliminary Results180 Roberto Pinelli (Italy) 29.Comparison of Methods for IOL Power Calculation after Incisional and Photoablative Refractive Surgery184 Antonio Calossi, Massimo Camellin (Italy) 30.IOL Power Calculations after Corneal Refractive Surgery205 Srinivas K Rao (India), Arthur Cheng, Dennis SC Lam (China) 31.The Latkany Regression Formula for Intraocular Lens Calculations after Myopic Refractive Surgery213 Evelyn Icasiano, Robert Latkany (USA) 32.The Latkany Regression Formula for Intraocular Lens Calculations after Hyperopic Refractive Surgery218 Evelyn Icasiano, Robert Latkany (USA) 33.Which IOL Formula to Use after Refractive Surgery221 Sonja Hairer, Tom Conze, Jerome Bovet (Switzerland) 34.Intraocular Lens Power Calculation after Advanced Surface Ablations (ASA)225 Tsiklis NS, Kymionis GD, Portaliou DM, Pallikaris IG (Greece) 35.The Mathematics of LASIK231 JT Lin (Taiwan) 36.Preoperative Evaluation of the Anterior Chamber for Phakic IOLs with the AC OCT238 Georges Baikoff (France) 37.Biometry for Refractive Lens Surgery244 Mark Packer, I Howard Fine, Richard S Hoffman (USA) 38.IOL Power Calculations in Phakic IOLs252 Dimitrii Dementiev, Kukrenkov Vetchiaslav (Italy) 38.Raytracing Analysis of Accommodating IOL254 Yoshiaki Nawa (Japan) 40.Analysis of Dual-optics Accommodating IOLs259 JT Lin (Taiwan) 41.Aspherical IOL Analysis265 JT Lin (Taiwan) Section 4: Miscellaneous (Recent Advances and IOL Power Calculations in Difficult Situations) 42.Determining Corneal Power for Intraocular Lens Calculations in Patients with Corneal Scarring and Irregular Astigmatism277 Mujtaba A Qazi, Irwin Y Cua, Jay S Pepose (USA) 43.IOL Calculation in Hyperopes281 Wolfgang Haigis (Germany), Frank J Goes (Belgium) 44.Consistent IOL Calculation in Normal and Odd Eyes with the Raytracing Program OKULIX285 Paul Rolf Preussner (Germany) 45.A-scan in Difficult Situations292 Anand A Shroff (India) 46.Management of Refractive Surprises after Cataract Surgery305 Armando Capote, Eneida de la C Perez, Marcelino Rio (Cuba) 47.Intraocular Lens Power Calculation in the High Myopic Eye314 Fengju Zhang, Yan Wang (China) 48.Calculation of Intraocular Lens Power in Cataract with Silicone Oil Eyes318 Fengju Zhang, Yan Wang (China) 49.Intraoperative IOL Power Calculation320 Arturo Peréz-Arteaga (Mexico) 50.ZEMAX Raytracing Method for Accommodative IOL327 JT Lin (Taiwan), Minshan Jiang (China) 51.Problems of IOL Power Calculation in Pediatric Cataract Surgery331 Marek E Prost (Poland) 52.Intraocular Lens Calculation after Prior Refractive Surgery337 Kenneth J Hoffer (Santa Monica, CA, USA) 53.Cataract Surgery: Calculating the IOL Power in Case of Anisometropia345 Laure Gobin, Jos J Rozema, Marie-José Tassignon (Belgium) 54.Review of IOL Power Calculation: A Theoretical Analysis of Proposed Formulas356 Laure Gobin, Jos J Rozema, Marie Jose Tassignon (Belgium) 55.IOL Power Calculation for Cornea Triple and Penetrating Keratoplasty with IOL Exchange368 Ashok Sharma (India) 56.IOL Power Calculations in Eyes with Irregular Corneas371 Barun K Nayak, Sunil Moreker (India) Index

Author comments

Ashok Garg, MS, PhD, is Chairman and Medical Director of the Garg Eye Institute & Research Centre, Hisar, India.

J.T. Lin, PhD, is currently the Director of New Vision, Inc. in Rochester, NY. He designed the world most compact Excimer system for PRK/LASIK (in 1993), the world's first tunable IR-laser from OPO/KTP (1990) and the first diode-pumped green laser from NYAB (in 1989). Lin holds over 30 international patents in laser systems and surgical methods.

Robert Latkany, MD, is the founder and director of the Dry Eye Clinic at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary as well as the Dry Eye Center of New York, the first center in the area devoted to dry eye disorders.

Jerome Bovet, MD, practices at Clinique de l'Oeil in Geneva, Switzerland.

Wolfgang Haigis, PhD, is Assistant Professor of ophthalmic Biometry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Wuerzburg, Germany.

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