Clinical Ethics: A Practical Approach to Ethical Decisions in Clinical Medicine, Seventh Edition

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May 26, 2010


Mixed media product, 240 pages

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0071634142 / 9780071634144


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Main description

A unique structured approach to solving ethical issues that arise in daily clinical practice

A Doody's Core Title for 2011!

Clinical Ethics teaches the widely-known Four-Topics Method to help you make the right choice when facing complex ethical questions and dilemmas encountered during everyday patient care. You will learn an easy-to-apply system based on simple questions about medical indications, patient preferences, quality of life, and contextual features that clearly explain clinical ethics and helps you formulate a sound diagnosis and treatment strategy.

  • Goes beyond theory to offer a solid decision-making strategy applicable to real-world practice
  • Numerous clinical case examples link principles to everyday practice--many new to this edition
  • Practical coverage of important legal issues
  • Ethical considerations in palliative care, medically assisted death, clinical research, and other timely issues
  • Perfect for students, trainees, clinicians, ethics committee members, nurses, and patients
  • Handy four-topics chart pullout card

The content you need to make the right choice:
Introduction; Medical Intervention; Patient Preferences; Quality of Life; Contextual Features.

Table of contents

The Four Topics
Resources in Clinical Ethics
The Four Topics Chart
Topic One: Medical Indications
1.1 Indicated and Nonindicated Interventions
1.2 Clinical Judgment and Clinical Uncertainty
1.3 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Orders not to Resuscitate (DNR)
1.4 Medical Error
1.5 Determination of Death
1.6 Summary
1P Pediatric Notes
Topic Two: Patient Preferences
2.1 Informed Consent
2.2 Decisional Capacity
2.3 Decision Making for the Mentally Incapacitated Patient
2.4 Surrogate Decision-Makers
2.5 Failure to Cooperate in the Therapeutic Relationship
2P Pediatric Notes
Topic Three: Quality of Life
3.1 Divergent Evaluations of Quality of Life
3.2 Enhancement Medicine
3.3 Compromised Quality of Life and Life-Sustaining Interventions
3.4 Pain Relief for Terminally Ill Patients
3.5 Medically Assisted Dying
3.6 Care of the Dying Patient
37. Treatment of Attempted or Suspected Suicides
3P Pediatric Notes
Topic Four: Contextual Features
4.1 Health Professions
4.2 Other Interested Parties
4.3 Confidentiality of Medical Information
4.4 Economics of Clinical Care
4.5 Allocation of Scarce Health Resources
4.6 Influence of Religion on Clinical Decisions
4.7 Role of Law in Clinical Ethics
4.8 Clinical Research
4.9 Clinical Teaching
4.10 Public Health
4.11 Organizational Ethics
4P Pediatric Notes
Pullout Card--The Four Topics Chart

Author comments

Albert R. Jonsen, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Ethics in Medicine
University of Washington School of Medicine
Seattle, WA
Senior Ethics Scholar in Residence
California Pacific Medical Center
San Francisco, CA

Mark Siegler, MD
Lindy Bergman Distinguished Service Professor
of Medicine and Surgery
Director, MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

William J. Winslade, PhD, JD
James Wade Rockwell Professor of Philosophy in Medicine
Institute for the Medical Humanities
Professor of Psychiatry and Preventive Medicine
and Community Health
University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, TX

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