Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies

Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies

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October 15, 2009


Mixed media product, 256 pages


0071633502 / 9780071633505


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Main description

How to implement effective event-processing solutions

Business people and IT professionals understand well the benefits of corporate agility and fast response to emerging threats and opportunities. However, many people are less familiar with the techniques now available to help accomplish those aspirations.

Event processing has emerged as the key enabler for situation awareness and a set of guiding principles for systems that can adapt quickly to shifts in company and market conditions. Written by experts in the field, this prescriptive guide explains how to use event processing in the design of business processes and the systems that support them. Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies covers:

  • The role of event processing in enabling business dashboards and situation awareness
  • Types of event-processing applications and their costs and benefits
  • How event-driven architecture (EDA) complements conventional request-driven SOA
  • How to implement event processing without disrupting existing applications

Table of contents

1 Event Processing Overview
2 Event Processing Patterns in Business
3 Using Event Processing in Business Applications
4 Costs and Benefits of Event Processing Applications
5 Types of Event-Processing Applications
6 Event Processing Architecture
7 Events and Complex Events
8 From Architecture to Applications
9 The Role of Event Processing in SOA and Application Development
10 Positioning Event Processing in the IT World
11 Best Practices
12 Future of Event Processing
App A Books and Other Resources
App B Glossary

Author comments

K. Mani Chandy, Ph.D., is the Simon Ramo Professor at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. He has received numerous awards including the CMG Michelson Award, the IEEE Kobayashi award, and the Babbage Award. Dr. Chandy is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering.

W. Roy Schulte Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner Inc. He was the lead author of the 1996 Gartner report that introduced the term SOA. Mr. Schulte originated the research in the field of message brokers, coined the term business activity monitoring (BAM), and wrote the first analyst reports on the zero-latency enterprise and the enterprise service bus (ESB). Mr. Schulte is a member of the Event Processing Technical Society steering committee.

Back cover copy

Event processing has the power to transform businesses by providing near real-time visibility into what is happening within a company and in its external environment. This situation awareness improves reaction time to emerging threats and opportunities, reduces the elapsed time of business processes, and enhances the quality and availability of information.

Written by K. Mani Chandy, computer science professor at the California Institute of Technology, and W. Roy Schulte, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, Inc., this authoritative guide explains the principles, reference architectures, design patterns, and best practices of event processing.

Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies discusses the business drivers, costs, and benefits of event-processing applications. The book covers complex-event processing (CEP) and event-driven architecture (EDA) and describes how service-oriented architecture (SOA) and EDA are used in application integration scenarios. You will find proven strategies for integrating events into business applications and enhancing business process management (BPM) initiatives with event processing. This practical resource contains a sequence of steps in which to develop event-processing applications to reduce risk and ensure efficiency.

If you want to vastly improve your company's timeliness, agility, information availability, and strategic advantage, you need Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies.

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