Electricity Experiments You Can Do At Home

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July 6, 2010


Electronic book text, 352 pages

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Main description

Amp up your understanding of electricity and magnetism with DOZENS OF DO-IT-YOURSELF EXPERIMENTS

Electricity Experiments You Can Do At Home is a hands-on guide that helps you master the principles of electrical currents and magnetism. Each of the book's three sections--direct current, alternating current, and magnetism--begins with step-by-step instructions for setting up your lab for the experiments that follow. Using inexpensive, easy-to-find parts, the experiments progress from basic to more complex and will spark ideas and encourage inventiveness. Expect unexpected results when you experiment with:

  • Diode-based voltage reducer
  • Compass-based galvanometer
  • Photovoltaic illuminometer
  • Utility bulb saver
  • Ripple filter
  • Xener-diode voltage regulator
  • AC spectrum monitor
  • Ampere's law with wire loop
  • AC electromagnet
  • Handheld wind turbine
  • And dozens more projects


  • Solve circuit problems in electricity
  • Build practical and interesting electrical and magnetic devices
  • Get ideas for science-fair projects
  • Prepare for advanced courses in electricity and electronics
  • Learn the basics of laboratory practice

Table of contents

Part 1: Direct Current
DC1 - Your Direct-Current Lab
DC2 - Voltage Sources in Series
DC3 - Current Sources in Series
DC4 - A Simple Wet Cell
DC5 - How "Electric" Are You?
DC6 - Your Body Resistance
DC7 - Resistances of Liquids
DC8 - Ohm's Law
DC9 - Resistors in Series
DC10 - Resistors in Parallel
DC11 - Resistors in Series-Parallel
DC12 - Kirchhoff;s Current Law
DC13 - Kirchhoff's Voltage Law
DC14 - A Resistive Voltage Divider
DC15 - A Diode-Based Voltage Reducer
DC16 - Power as Volt-Amperes
DC17 - Resistance as Volts per Ampere
DC18 - "Identical" Lamps in Series
DC19 - Dissimilar Lamps in Series
DC20 - "Identical Lamps in Parallel
DC21 - Dissimilar Lamps in Parallel
DC22 - A Compass-Based Galvanometer
DC23 - Solar Module in Dim Light
DC24 - Solar Module in Direct Sunlight
DC25 - A Photovoltaic Illuminometer

Part 2: Alternating Current
AC1 - Your Alternating-Current Lab
AC2 - "Identical" Utility Bulbs in Series
AC3 - Dissimilar Utility Bulbs in Series
AC4 - A Simple Utility Bulb Saver
AC5 - Galvanometer with AC
AC6 - Galvanometer with Rectified AC
AC7 - Ohm's Law with Rectified AC
AC8 - A Simple Ripple Filter
AC9 - Rectifier and Battery
AC10 - Rectifier/Filter and Battery
AC11 - Rectifier and Battery under Load
AC12 - Rectifier/Filter and Battery under Load
AC13 - A Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier
AC14 - A Filtered Full-Wave Power Supply
AC15 - How Bleeders Work
AC16 - A Zener-Diode Voltage Regulator
AC17 - A Zener-Diode Voltage Reducer
AC18 - An AC Spectrum Monitor

Part 3: Magnetism
MAG1 - Your Magnetism Lab
MAG2 - Test Metals for Ferromagnetism
MAG3 - Compass Deflection versus Distance
MAG4 - Magnetic Forces through Barriers
MAG5 - Magnetic Declination
MAG6 - "Magnetize" a Copper Wire
MAG7 - Ampere's Law with Straight Wire
MAG8 - Ampere's Law with Wire Loop
MAG9 - Build a DC Electromagnet
MAG10 - DC Electromagnet near Permanent Magnet
MAG11 - DC Electromagnet near Each Other
MAG12 - Build an AC Electromagnet
MAG13 - AC Electromagnet near Permanent Magnet
MAG14 - AC Electromagnet near DC Electromagnet
MAG15 - AC Electromagnet near Each Other
MAG16 - A Handheld Wind Turbine

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Author comments

Stan Gibilisco is an electronics engineer, researcher, mathematician, and bestselling author. He has written several Demystified titles and more than 30 other books, including Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics. Gibilisco's book McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Personal Computing was named as a "Best Reference of 1996" by the ALA.

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