Schwartz's Principles of Surgery ABSITE and Board Review, Ninth Edition

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October 15, 2010


Electronic book text, 544 pages

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0071606378 / 9780071606370

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Main description

Trust your ABSITE and board preparation to the only review based on the field's cornerstone text: Schwartz's Principles of Surgery, 9e

Featuring chapters that correspond directly to the classic Schwartz's Principles of Surgery, 9e, this powerful review delivers more than 1,100 questions that are likely to appear on the American Board of Surgery in-training exam and the surgery board exam.

Developed by some of the top minds in modern surgery, these board-style questions provide the most current, authoritative perspectives on surgical practice. Each question is accompanied by answers and comprehension-building rationales, ensuring a complete understanding of the material. Featuring more tables and figures than any previous edition, Schwartz's Principles of Surgery ABSITE and Board Review is truly the ultimate resource for certification and recertification exam review.


  • Chapters keyed to Schwartz's Principles of Surgery, 9e so you know you're studying only relevant, applicable material from the most authoritative source possible
  • 1100+ board-style questions with answers and rationales
  • Questions in each chapter are divided into Basic Science and Clinical categories to facilitate studying for the two-part ABSITE
  • Two new chapters: Molecular Biology and Ethics, Palliative Care, and Care at the End of Life

Table of contents

1. Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Core Competencies
2. Systemic Response to Injury and Metabolic Support
3. Fluid and Electrolyte Management of the Surgical Patient
4. Hemostatis, Surgical Bleeding, and Transfusion
5. Shock
6. Surgical Infections
7. Trauma
8. Burns
9. Wound Healing
10. Oncology
11. Transplantation
12. Patient Safety
13. Physiologic Monitoring of the Surgical Patient
14. Minimally Invasive Surgery, Robotics, and Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery
15. Molecular Biology
16. The Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue
17. The Breast
18. Disorders of the Head and Neck
19. Chest Wall, Lung, Mediastinum, and Pleura
20. Congenital Heart Disease
21. Acquired Heart Disease
22. Thoracic Aneurysms and Aortic Dissection
23. Arterial Disease
24. Venous and Lymphatic Disease
25. Esophagus and Diaphragmatic Hernia
26. Stomach
27. The Surgical Management of Obesity
28. Small Intestine
29. Colon, Rectum, and Anus
30. The Appendix
31. Liver
32. Gallbladder and the Extrahepatic Biliary System
33. Pancreas
34. Spleen
35. Abdominal Wall, Omentum, Mesentery, and Retroperitoneum
36. Soft Tissue Sarcomas
37. Inguinal Hernia
38. Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Adrenal
39. Pediatric Surgery
40. Urology
41. Gynecology
42. Neurosurgery
43. Orthopedic Surgery
44. Surgery of the Hand and Wrist
45. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
46. Surgical Considerations in the Elderly
47. Anesthesia of the Surgical Patient
48. Ethics, Palliative Care, and Care at the End of Life

Author comments

F. Charles Brunicardi, MD, FACS,
DeBakey/Bard Professor and Chairman, Michael E. DeBakey
Department of Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX

Associate Editors:
Mary L. Brandt, MD, FACS
Professor and Vice Chair, Michael E. DeBakey
Department of Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX
Dana K. Andersen, MD, FACS
Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Surgery
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Surgeon-in-Chief
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Baltimore, MD
Timothy R. Billiar, MD, FACS
George Vance Foster Professor and Chairman of Surgery
Department of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh
School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
David L. Dunn, MD, PhD, FACS
Vice President for Health Sciences
State University of New York
Buffalo, NY
John G. Hunter, MD, FACS,
Mackenzie Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, OR
Jeffrey B. Matthews, MD, FACS
Dallas B. Phemister Professor and Chairman
Department of Surgery, University of Chicago
Chicago, IL
Raphael E. Pollock, MD, PhD, FACS,
Head, Division of Surgery, Professor and Chairman
Department of Surgical Oncology, Senator A.M. Aiken, Jr.
Distinguished Chair, The University of Texas
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX

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