Leadership Lessons of the White House Fellows: Learn How To Inspire Others, Achieve Greatness and Find Success in Any Organization

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April 30, 2009


Mixed media product, 304 pages

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Main description

Considered one of the nation's most competitive and prestigious fellowships, the White House Fellowship program has produced an impressive roster of American leaders. The men and women of this select group spend an entire year working alongside top decision makers inside the nexus of global power. Each one emerges with life-changing thoughts and views about the nature of leadership and the qualities of great leaders.

Now, former Fellow Charles P. Garcia opens the door to this distinguished program, revealing insights to achieve extraordinary leadership, which you can apply in any endeavor.

Leadership Lessons of the White House Fellows is a profound education on the timeless tenets of successful leadership. Filled with entertaining and insightful stories gleaned from interviews with more than 200 former Fellows, this fast-paced book takes you behind the scenes of every presidential administration from Lyndon B. Johnson to George W. Bush, where America's best and brightest learned their most valuable lessons. You'll hear from such figures as:

  • Former Chairman of the NYSE Marshall Carter
  • Levi Strauss CO Robert D. Haas
  • U.S. Army General Wesley Clark
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • CNN Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  • Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell
  • Stanford Business School Dean Robert Joss
  • Former Chief Judge, 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Deanell Reece Tacha

Each interviewee conveys invaluable advice that can be applied by anyone, in any field--from business and government to nonprofit and education.

Leadership Lessons of the White House Fellows takes you where no reader has gone before. Apply the lessons of the White House Fellows, and your people will instantly take note of the newly inspired leader in their presence.

Table of contents

1.Opening the Door to the White House
2.A Foundation for Fellowship
3. Becoming a Fellow
4. Fellows at Work
5. The Education Program

The Lessons:

6. Leaders Know There's More to Life Than Work
7. Leaders Focus on the Mission
8. Leaders Focus on their People
9. Leaders Root Prejudice in Themselves and Others
10. Leaders Act with Integrity
11. Leaders Create an Sense of Urgency
12. Leaders Have Passion
13. Leaders are Persistent
14. Leaders are Great Communicators
15. Leaders Ask Tough Questions that Need to Be Asked
16. Leaders Take Risks
17. Leaders Understand that Every Battle is Not the End of the War
18. Leaders Energize Their People
19. Leaders are Great Listeners
20. Leaders are Persuasive
21. Leaders Know When to Compromise and When to Stand Firm
22. Leaders are Problem Solvers
23. Leaders Lead by Walking Around
24. Leaders are Transformational Change Agents
25. Leaders Lead Through Experience and Competence, Not Through Title or Position

Author comments

Charles P. Garcia is a former White House Fellow, bestselling author, graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and Columbia Law School, and bestselling author. In 2006, he sold his investment banking firm, which grew from three people to 60 offices in seven countries; Inc. magazine identified it as one of the top ten fastest-growing privately held companies in the country. Garcia was named entrepreneur of the year by three national organizations. He is on the boards of Fortune 500 companies and serves as Chairman of the Board of Visitors of the U.S. Air Force Academy. For more information, go to www.charlespgarcia.com.

Back cover copy

Enduring Leadership Wisdom from America's Halls of Power

"In this excellent book, Garcia provides readers with splendid examples of what it takes to make a difference in our turbulent world."
--Tom Johnson, former CEO, CNN; former publisher, Los Angeles Times

"This book distills leadership lessons from generations of inspiring individuals and is a must-read for anyone doing his or her part to make the world a better place."
--Alexander Friedman, Chief Financial Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

"Garcia's book captures the many remarkable stories of numerous White House Fellows and makes accessible their valuable lessons learned on the path to leadership."
--Michelle Peluso, CEO, Travelocity

"Leadership has never been more important than it is today, and this book helps us understand better how future American leaders can be developed."
--Robert L. Joss, Dean, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

"Garcia has captured unique insights from men and women who have benefitted from the opportunity to work and serve alongside some of the nation's top leaders. It is a treasure trove of ideas about what successful leaders do to get results."
--Rear Admiral Marty Evans, U.S. Navy (retired); former president, American Red Cross; former National Executive Director, Girl Scouts of the USA

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