Unstoppable Confidence

How to Use the Power of NLP to Be More Dynamic and Successful

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July 11, 2008


Mixed media product, 224 pages


0071588450 / 9780071588454


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Main description

"If you are serious about gaining more confidence, you must get this book!"
--Robert Allen, bestselling author of The One Minute Millionaire

Imagine having the confidence and courage to go after your goals: a successful career; a rewarding relationship; a richer, fuller life. If you can dream it, you can do it--using the scientific methods of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). Through NLP, author Kent Sayre transformed himself from a painfully shy introvert into one of the nation's most dynamic NLP trainers. He's taught thousands how to break out of their shells and go after their dreams. Now, with his proven system, you too can harness the power of NLP and:

  • Blast out of your comfort zone
  • Shatter your limiting beliefs
  • Boost your confidence--instantly!

This isn't a collection of "pie in the sky" theories and "go for it" pep talks. It's a step-by-step program of ready-to-use tools, verbal and nonverbal techniques, and practical thinking exercises that direct your mind toward your goals. You'll be amazed how easy it is to interact with others; embrace opportunities; and enjoy parties, activities, work functions, and more.

"This wonderful book will give you the boost toward success that can make all the difference!"
--Brian Tracy, author of Maximum Achievement

Table of contents

Chapter 1: My Journey to Unstoppable Confidence

Chapter 2: Why Confidence Matters

Chapter 3: What Is Confidence?

Chapter 4: Why You Lack Confidence

Chapter 5: The Myth of the Shy Gene

Chapter 6 Act as If

Chapter 7: Confidence is a Process

Chapter 8: Fear and Failure

Chapter 9: Limitations and Mistakes on the Road to Success

Chapter 10: The Nine Factors of Unstoppable Confidence

Chapter 11: Factor 1: Experience

Chapter 12: Factor 2: Perception

Chapter 13: Factor 3: Decisiveness

Chapter 14: Factor 4: Empowerment

Chapter 15: Factor 5: Goals

Chapter 16: Factor 6: Action

Chapter 17: Factor 7: Motivation

Chapter 18: Factors 8 & 9: Momentum and Commitment

Chapter 19: Beyond Belief

Chapter 20: Change Your Beliefs for Good Using NLP

Chapter 21: Mastering Your Internal Voice

Chapter 22: Speaking The Language of Confidence

Chapter 23: The Language of Motivation

Chapter 24: The Body Language of Confidence

Chapter 25: Unstoppable Confidence in Personal Relationships

Chapter 26: More techniques for Interpersonal Relationships

Chapter 27: Technique 1: The Instant Shift

Chapter 28: Technique 2: Rehearsing Confidence

Chapter 29: Technique 3: Personifying Confidence

Chapter 30: Technique 4: Anchoring

Chapter 31: Technique 5: Circle of Confidence

Chapter 32: Technique 6: Mirror Affirmation

Chapter 33: Technique 7: Future Success Now!

Chapter 34: Technique 8: Put Your Life in Perspective

Chapter 35: Technique 9: Avoid the Future You Don't Want

Chapter 36: Technique 10: Build an Enriched Past

Chapter 37: Technique 11: Correct Past Mistakes

Chapter 38: Technique 12: The Domino Effect

Chapter 39: Technique 13: Modeling Confidence

Chapter 40: Technique 14: Schedule Your Dreams

Chapter 41: Technique 15: Learning Unstoppable Confidence With Others

Chapter 42: Technique 16: Swish Into Confidence

Chapter 43: Technique 17: Dissociate - Add Resources - Act Differently

Chapter 44: Technique 18: Healthy Living

Chapter 45: Your Confident Future

Chapter 46: Conclusion

Author comments

Kent Sayre is a certified NLP trainer who conducts workshops and lectures on the West Coast.

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