The Feel-Good Diet

The Weight-Loss Plan That Boosts Serotonin, Improves Your Mood, and Keeps the Pounds Off for Good

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January 3, 2008


Mixed media product, 272 pages


0071548491 / 9780071548496


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Main description

No cravings. No stress. No fatigue.
Finally, a revolutionary weight-loss program that makes your brain happy as you lose weight.

Cheryle Hart, M.D., and Mary Kay Grossman, RD, have discovered that many popular diets deplete your brain's neurotransmitters, especially serotonin, which is crucial to well-being. This "yo-yo brain" effect zaps your willpower and leaves you irritable, depressed, and carbo-craved. Hart and Grossman's The Feel-Good Diet helps you eat to boost serotonin, battle "yo-yo brain," and finally win your war with your weight. You will lose weight, reduce stress . . . and feel good.

Learn how to:

  • Stop thinking about food so much
  • Eat smaller portions and feel less hungry
  • Stop craving the foods that "do you in"

Includes dozens of delightful new recipes, easy-to-follow meal plans, menu ideas for eating out, and life-enhancing "feel-good" tips for a healthier, happier, and thinner you!

Table of contents

Part 1: What Happens to Your Brain When You Diet

Chapter 1- Dieting to Lose...Serotonin?

Chapter 2- The Brain's Messengers and How They Affect Appetite

Chapter 3- Do You Have a Neurotransmitter Deficiency?

Chapter 4- Hormones That Affect Neurotransmitters

Chapter 5- Insulin Resistance and Serotonin

Part 2: The Feel-Good Weight-Loss Plan

Chapter 6- The Feel-Good Diet

Chapter 7- The Different Kinds of Dietary Fats

Chapter 8- Two Weeks of Meal Plans

Chapter 9- Supplements to Help Boost Neurotransmitters

Chapter 10- Increasing Metabolism

Chapter 11- Exercise

Chapter 12- The Feel-Good Weight-Loss Plan: Putting It All Together

Author comments

Cheryle Hart, M.D., is board certified in bariatrics, the medical specialty of weight management, and in obstetrics/gynecology. She completed her specialty training at the Mayo Clinic and is now in private practice at the Women's Wellness Workshop in Spokane, Washington.

Mary Kay Grossman, RD, is the nutritional advisor of the Women's Wellness Workshop in Spokane. She speaks nationally on insulin resistance and diabetes nutrition.

Hart and Grossman are the authors of the bestselling The Insulin-Resistance Diet. To get a complimentary "Feel Good Diet Workshop" DVD, go to, where you'll also learn the seven secrets to losing more fat.

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