Programming HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc

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October 1, 2007


Mixed media product, 384 pages


007149670X / 9780071496704


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Main description

The ultimate book/DVD package for HD and Blu-Ray DVD applications

This complete book/DVD package covers everything you need to know in order to write optical working code for HD and Blu-Ray DVD applications.This comprehensive tutorial not only teaches the new programming skills but also includes large chunks of reusable code and demonstrates actual code outcomes.

Table of contents

Table of Figures and Tables
Table of Sample Codes
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Equipping Your HD Kitchen
Chapter 3. Getting Your HD Ingredients Together
Chapter 4. Preparing Your Assets
Chapter 5. Framework for HD DVD Advanced Content (AC)
Chapter 6. HD DVD Application Models
Chapter 7. HD DVD AC Graphics and Animation
Chapter 8. HD DVD AC Text Rendering
Chapter 9: HD DVD AC User Input
Chapter 10. HD DVD AC Playback Control
Chapter 11. HD DVD AC File I/O and Persistent Storage
Chapter 12. HD DVD AC Networking
Chapter 13. HD DVD AC Putting It All Together
Chapter 14. Finishing the HD DVD Disc
Chapter 15. Framework for BD-J
Chapter 16. BD-J Application Model
Chapter 17. BD-J Graphics and Animation
Chapter 18. BD-J Text Rendering
Chapter 19. BD-J User Input
Chapter 20. BD-J Playback Control
Chapter 21. BD-J File I/O
Chapter 22. BD-J Networking and VFS
Chapter 23. BD-J Putting It All Together
Chapter 24. Finishing the BD-J Disc
Chapter 25. Benchmarking
Chapter 26. Testing and Verification
Chapter 27. Replication
Chapter 28. AACS Managed Copy

Author comments

Michael Zink is the Director of Advanced Technology at Technicolor and responsible for establishing the HD-DVD and Blu-ray production lines in the company's Burbank facility. Phil Carl Starner is a Software Engineer with Javelin Ventures LLC, and the author of more than 400 DVDs. His game "Who Wants to Be King of the Jungle" won a DVDX Award for Best Games and Interactivities. Bill Foote is a Senior Staff Engineer with Sun Microsystems, who authored many portions of Sun's Java TV and DVB-MHP specifications.

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