Nursing Fundamentals DeMYSTiFieD: A Self-Teaching Guide

Nursing Fundamentals DeMYSTiFieD: A Self-Teaching Guide
By:Vaughans, Bennita;
Pub Date:August 3rd 2010
Format:Paperback 352 pages
ISBN:0071495703 / 9780071495707
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Nursing success begins with the fundamentals!

Nursing Fundamentals Demystified offers a fast and interesting way for you to understand the foundational concepts and information that will be the cornerstone of your entire nursing education and career. It helps you sort through the mountain of information nursing students face and focus on the essentials - that which you truly must know to be a successful nurse. You'll also learn how apply this information to real-world clinical situations.

In order to make the learning process as effective as possible, you'll find learning aids such as chapter objectives; key terms, tables and boxed information which summarize important concepts; nursing alerts which spotlight critical safety information; nursing care plans in selected chapters which help you identify key assessment data, nursing diagnoses, and interventions; selected procedure tips to assist you with the clinical application of content, questions that appear throughout each chapter to help you evaluate your comprehension; and NCLEX®-style questions at the end of each chapter.

Get a working understanding of these important concepts:
The nursing process, Communication and Documentation, Vital sign assessment, Health assessment, Medication Administration, Safety, Skin integrity, Activity and mobility, Sensory and cognition, Sleep and comfort, Oxygenanation, Nutrition, Fluid, electrolyte, acid-base balance, Urinary elimination, Bowel elimination, Psychosocial needs

Table of contents

Unit I: Introduction to the Nursing Profession; Chapter 1: Nursing - An Evolving Profession; Chapter 2: The Nursing Process and Critical Thinking; Unit II: Fundamental Principles of Nursing Care; Chapter 3: Communication and Dcumentation; Chapter 4: Vital Sign Assessment; Chapter 5: Health Assessment; Chapter 6: Medication Administration; Chapter 7: Safety; Unit III: Meeting Basic Human Needs; Chapter 8: Skin Integrity; Chapter 9: Activity and Mobility; Chapter 10: Sensory and Cognition; Chapter 11: Sleep and Comfort; Chapter 12: Oxygenation; Chapter 13: Nutrition; Chapter 14: Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance; Chapter 15: Urinary Elimination; Chapter 16: Bowel Elimination; Chapter 17: Psychosocial Need


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