Sell the Brand First: How to Sell Your Brand and Create Lasting Customer Loyalty

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June 7, 2010


Electronic book text, 256 pages

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Main description

A brand has the tremendous power to create a positive experience that will resonate with your customers. So why do you-and most other salespeople- focus on selling your product or service, but not on selling your brand?

Sell the Brand First reveals a fresh, highly effective way to close the sale: by selling to your customers from brand strength. Corporate trainer and brand selling specialist Dan Stiff shares his proven Brand Staircase Method-a four-step process that shows you how to hone in on your customers' mind-sets, create sales pitches based on how your brand fits into your consumers' lifestyles, and fully satisfy the trade buyers' needs and expectations.

Even the most experienced salespeople tend to simply adopt their marketing department's version of their brand. Stiff helps you become a "Brand Ambassador" by making your brand your own, finding the emotional connection between your customer and your brand, and speaking "Brand Language" to serve buyers' needs. The Brand Staircase gives you the tools you need to

  • Discover the inherent value in your brand and sell from it
  • Avoid "hollow brand promises" and break through the "glass ceiling of price"
  • Build on marketing efforts to leverage your brand's identity and positioning in the marketplace

Stiff illustrates key points through practical selling experience at NCR, DeWALT, and Black & Decker. He combines that knowledge with engaging real-life case studies and proven examples from Fortune 500 companies within multiple industries. His sample dialogues and common brand examples in the marketplace make selling the brand come alive.

Whether you're selling B2B or B2C, or you're a sales manager leading the charge, Sell the Brand First will change the way you look at selling and the way you sell for the better-and for good!

Author comments

As president of Leadership Performance Development, Inc., Dan Stiff specializes in showing companies how to leverage their brand strength, lead teams, and sell in the modern business climate. His clients include Baldwin, Home Depot/Expo, Aviall, Beretta USA, Purdy, and Juno Lighting Group. Stiff speaks to corporate groups 40 times a year and also has a network of affiliates who teach his sales methods to top corporations such as IBM, Pepsi, Pfizer, Nextel, and AOL/Time Warner.

Back cover copy

Why make selling harder than necessary?

Lead with your brand!

Featuring real-life examples from internationally recognized brands such as IBM, NCR, Black & Decker, Home Depot/Expo, and DeWALT, Sell the Brand First offers priceless tips on selling your brand, its function, and its value to your customers.

"Practical advice on how all salespeople can use the brand to boost their sales."-Neil Rackham, bestselling author of Spin Selling

"Selling a product without the brand is like selling a car without the wheels! This is a great read for anyone who touches the customer and interfaces with the brand!"-Dan Gregory, Vice President - Marketing, DeWALT Industrial Tools

"If you want to build your brand and think it resides only in the territory of marketing, then read Sell the Brand First and put its new principles to work."-Clifford Hall, Chief Operating Officer, Timex Group

"Building a successful organization requires all employees to focus on continually creating brand value, especially salespeople who are the first line to customers. Dan Stiff's approach provides sales professionals with a unique framework to do just that."-Paul Butler, Director, Global Organizational Learning and Development, Gillette

"In today's business environment of mega retailers, global product sourcing and private label brands, domestic manufacturers must focus on 'selling the brand first' to add value. A seasoned industry executive, Stiff shares insightful, hard-hitting examples of Brand Selling at its best!"-Thomas P. Armstrong, Vice President-Vendor Service, Home Depot

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