Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers

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September 15, 2006


Electronic book text, 2000 pages


007149149X / 9780071491495

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Main description

The Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers has served the EE field for nearly a century. Originally published in 1907, through 14 previous editions it has been a required resource for students and professionals. This new 15th edition features new material focusing on power generation and power systems operation - two longstanding strengths of the handbook that have recently become front-burner technology issues. At the same time, the entire format of the handbook will be streamlined, removing archaic sections and providing a quick, easy look-up experience.

Table of contents

CONTRIBUTORS PREFACE Section 1: Units, Symbols, Definitions, and Conversion Factors Section 2: Electric and Magnetic Circuits Section 3: Measurements and Instruments Section 4: Properties of Materials Section 5: Generation Section 6: Prime Movers Section 7: Alternating-Current Generators Section 8: Direct-Current Generators Section 9: Hydroelectric Power Generation Section 10: Power System Components Section 11: Alternate Sources of Power Section 12: Electric Power System Economics Section 13: Project Economics Section 14: Transmission Systems Section 15: Direct Current Power Transmission Section 16: Power-System Operation Section 17: Substations Section 18: Power Distribution Section 19: Wiring Design for Commercial and Industrial Buildings Section 20: Motors and Drives Section 21: Industrial and Commercial Applications of Electric Power Section 22: Power Electronics Section 23: Power Quality and Reliability Section 24: Grounding Systems Section 25: Computer Applications in the Electric Power Industry Section 26: Illumination Section 27: Lightning and Overvoltage protection Section 28: Standards in Electrotechnology, Telecommunications, and Information Technology INDEX

Author comments

H. Wayne Beaty is former senior editor of Electrical World magazine and former managing editor of Electric Light & Power magazine. He is also the author of the Handbook of Electric Power Calculations, now it its Third Edition, and the co-author of Electrical Power Systems Quality, now in its Second Edition. Mr. Beaty received the 2006 IEEE Power Engineering Society Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering.

Donald G. Fink (deceased) was director emeritus of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). The Fourteenth Edition of this Handbook was dedicated to his memory and accomplishments. The reader is referred to that dedication to appreciate the outstanding contributions Mr. Fink made to the field of electrical engineering.

Back cover copy

The Classic Electrical Engineering Guide -- Now Massively Updated with New Material on Power Generation, Distribution, Systems Operation, and More

First published in 1907, the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers has provided generations of students and professionals with hands-on coverage of electrical engineering equipment, design, and methods. The Fifteenth Edition of this classic guide has now been updated and streamlined with an easy-access format to help you meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Brimming with solutions to day-to-day problems in electrical systems design, operation, and maintenance, this unmatched resource arms you with the expertise of over 60 best-of-breed contributors.

Packed with 800 detailed illustrations, the new Fifteenth Edition includes:

  • The latest material on power generation and power systems operation
  • In-depth case studies on the causes of major power outages
  • Thorough updating of all code-related information
  • Entirely new sections on electric power grid operations, managing outages and blackouts, and electrical power generation

Inside This Essential EE Tool:
* Electric and Magnetic Circuits * Measurements and Instruments * Properties of Materials * Power Generation * Power System Components * Alternate Sources and Converters of Power * Economics of Bulk Electric Power Supply * Project Economics * AC Transmission Systems * DC Power Transmission * Power Systems Operations * Substations * Power Distribution * Wiring Design * Motors and Drives * Applications of Electric Power * Power Quality * Electrochemistry * Computer Applications * Illumination * Lighting and Overvoltage Protection

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