Radar Handbook, Third Edition

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February 12, 2008


Mixed media product, 1328 pages


0071485473 / 9780071485470


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Main description

The Industry Standard in Radar Technology_Now Updated with All the Advances and Trends of the Past 17 Years

Turn to the Third Edition of Radar Handbook for state-of-the-art coverage of the entire field of radar technology_from fundamentals to the newest applications.

With contributions by 30 world experts, this resource examines methods for predicting radar range and explores radar subsystems such as receivers, transmitters, antennas, data processing, ECCM, and pulse compression. This radar handbook also explains the target cross section...radar echoes from ground and sea...and all radar systems, including MTI, AMTI, pulse doppler, and others. Using SI units, the Third Edition of Radar Handbook features:

  • Unsurpassed guidance on radar fundamentals, theory, and applications
  • Hundreds of examples and illustrations
  • New to this edition: new chapters on radar digital signal processing, radar in air traffic control, ground penetrating radar, fighter aircraft radar, and civil marine radar; 22 thoroughly revised chapters; 17 new contributors

Inside This Cutting-Edge Radar Guide

• MTI Radar • Pulse Doppler Radar • Multifunctional Radar Systems for Fighter Aircraft • Radar Receivers • Automatic Detection, Tracking, and Sensor Integration • Pulse Compression Radar • Radar Transmitters • Reflector Antennas • Phased Array Radar Antennas • Radar Cross Section • Sea Clutter • Ground Echo • Space-Based Radar • Meteorological Radar • HF Over-the-Horizon Radar • Ground Penetrating Radar • Civil Marine Radar • Bistatic Radar • Radar Digital Signal Processing • And More!

Table of contents

Chapter 1 An Introduction and Overview of Radar
Chapter 2 MTI Radar
Chapter 3 Airborne MTI
Chapter 4 Pulse Doppler Radar
Chapter 5 Multifunctional Radar Systems for Fighter Aircraft
Chapter 6 Radar Receivers
Chapter 7 Automatic Detection,Tracking, and Sensor Integration
Chapter 8 Pulse Compression Adrenals> Chapter 9 Tracking Radar
Chapter 10 The Radar Transmitter
Chapter 11 Solid-State Transmitters
Chapter 12 Reflector Antennas
Chapter 13 Phased Array Radar Antennas
Chapter 14 Radar Cross Section
Chapter 15 Sea Clutter
Chapter 16 Ground Echo
Chapter 17 Synthetic Aperture Radar
Chapter 18 Space-Based Remote Sensing Radars
Chapter 19 MetMeteorologicaldar
Chapter 20 HF Over-the-Horizon Radar
Chapter 21 Ground Penetrating Radar
Chapter 22 Civil Marine Radar
Chapter 23 Bistatic Radar
Chapter 24 Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
Chapter 25 Radar Digital Signal Processing
Chapter 26 The Propagation Factor Fpf in the Radar Equation

Author comments

Merrill Skolnik has been affiliated with the Johns Hopkins Radiation Laboratory, Sylvania, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

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