Fix It and Sail

Everything You Need to Know to Buy and Retore a Small Sailboat on a Shoestring

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January 10, 2006


Mixed media product, 216 pages


0071458093 / 9780071458092


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Main description

Find a small cruising sailboat and restore it to pristine condition on a budget that won't sink your budget

Small, trailererable cruising sailboats are more popular than ever as mooring spaces dwindle and marina dockage and winter storage costs soar. Fix It and Sail helps you discover boatloads of fun far less than a single ski weekend or golf club membership. Veteran sailor and journalist Brian Gilbert shows you how to select and inspect a boat, then restore it from keel to rigging.

Gilbert's clear, step-by-step instructions guide you through every phase of the restoration process from repairing keels, hulls, ports, and cabins to painting, wiring, and sealing. You'll learn how to evaluate, repair and replace hardware, upholstery, canvaswork, and more. Profusely illustrated appendices give you a vivid picture of the costs, tasks, and labor involved in an actual restoration project.

Table of contents

Acknowledgments Preface 1.Why Restore a Small Boat?: Economics, Practical Considerations, and Having It Your Way Reducing the Costs of Sailing Cash Value Emotional Reasons Which Boat? Physical Location of the Boat The Self-Survey 2.Resources and Choices for the Small Boat Sailor: Books, Websites, Magazines, and a Look at a Few Boats Where to Get Good Information My Short List of Commonly Available Boats to Restore Cal 20 Cal 25 Oday 22 Catalina 22 Com-Pac 16 Pearson 22 Tanzer 22 Bristol 24 Irwin 23 MacGregors Venture 21 Venture 22 MacGregor 23 (Venture of Newport) MacGregor 24 (Venture 24/Venture 224) MacGregor 25 (Venture 25) What I Finally Chose 3.Getting Ready: Safety, Tooling, and Setting Up Shop Safety 1: Getting the Boat Home and Getting It Ready Safety 2: Boat Restoration without Restorative Surgery Getting Tooled Up Other Miscellaneous Tools Setting Up Shop 4.Getting Started: Restoration Strategies, Tooling Up, Cleaning, and More The Plan Strip Search Scraping the Exterior About Epoxy and Fiberglass Rebuilding the Keel Moving Right Along: The Interior Small Boat Wiring Painting the Exterior Bottom Paint Painting the Deck Hardware Mounting Sealants 5.Boat Joinery and Woodworking: Materials, Techniques, and Procedures Wood Choices Marine Plywood and Alternatives Adhesives and Fastenings Techniques Flotation 6.Marine Metalwork: Cost-Effective Solutions for the Small Sailboat Simple Corrosion Painting Galvanizing Surface Preparation Electrolytic Rust Removal Galvanic Corrosion Electrolytic Corrosion About Stainless Marine Metal Fabrication Welding Stainless Fabricating without Welding 7.Canvaswork and Upholstery: Sewing Basics for Small Boats Sewing Machines Canvaswork Upholstery Odds and Ends 8.The Rig: Inspection, Repair, and Replacement Standing Rigging Inspection and Repair End Fittings Restoring Tangs and Chainplates Running Rigging Mainsheet Traveler Relocating the Winches Replacing Halyard Cam Cleats Replacing Jibsheet Lead Blocks The Sails 9.Outboard Motors: A Cost-Effective Power Plant About Outboards Research Evaluating a Used Motor Buying Locally Visual Checks Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines . . . Checking Compression Principles of Operation Regular Maintenance Electric Outboards 10.Sea Trials and Commissioning: Finishing It All Up Outfitting for Sailing Electronic Equipment for Small Boats The Payoff Appendix 1: A Replacement Rudder Appendix 2: Making Oars Appendix 3: Trailer Restoration Appendix 4: Costs to Restore a 1972 MacGregor Venture 222 Appendix 5: Restoration Log Appendix 6: A Boat Restoration Photo Album Appendix 7: Restoration Resources Index

Author comments

Brian Gilbert is a lifelong sailor who lived aboard a Catalina 27 for four years. As a young father with a modest budget, he bought a Venture 22 for $500. The photos of his restoration of that boat are truly inspirational. His sailing articles have appeared in Good Old Boat, Small Craft Advisor, and DIY Marine magazines.

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