Case Files Psychiatry

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April 9, 2004


Electronic book text, 500 pages


0071457291 / 9780071457293

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Main description

The closest a student can get to the wards without seeing patients! Designed to teach through clinical cases, this text offers 60 of the most common clinical problems in psychiatry along with case discussion questions, clinical pearls, key terms and concepts, and USMLE-style questions and answers to reinforce learning. This is an excellent study guide for the psychiatry shelf exam and the USMLE Step 2.

Table of contents

Major depression - middle age patient where the issue is to admit or not Major depression - in a geriatric patient Major depression - in a treatment resistant patient - ECT would be the issue Bipolar - manic - adult Bipolar - manic - child Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Borderline personality disorder narcissistic personality disorder histrionic personality disorder dependent personality disorder obsessive-compulsive personality disorder schizoid personality disorder schizotypal personality disorder paranoid personality disorder antisocial personality disorder bulimia anorexia schiophrenia schizoaffective disorder autism panic disorder generalized anxiety disorder alcohol abuse cocaine dependence opiate withdrawal obsessive-compulsive disorder post traumatic stress disorder acute stress disorder factitious disorder pain disorder somatization disorder conversion disorder hypochondriasis dysthymic disorder mental retardation mood disorder secondary to a general medical condition psychosis secondary to a general medical condition anxiety secondary to a general medical condition malingering psychosis not otherwise specified adjustment disorder with mixed features of mood and behavior sleep terror disorder primary insomnia some kind of neurotic patient (no diagnosis on DSM-IV) conduct disorder tourette's separation anxiety disorder delirium dementia dissociative fugue social phobia gender identity disorder alcohol withdrawal amphetamine intoxication hallucinogen persisting perception disorder PCP intoxication anxiolytic induced anxiety disorder substance induced mood disorder fetishism caffeine induced sleep disorder

Back cover copy

The closest you can get to seeing patients without being on the wards.

Students need exposure to cases to pass the USMLE Step 2 and the psychiatry shelf exam. This book presents 60 clinical cases illustrating essential concepts in psychiatry. Perfect for the clerkship and the USMLE Step 2, each case includes an extended discussion, definitions of key terms, clinical pearls, and USMLE-style review questions. This interactive learning system helps you to learn instead of memorize.

*60 psychiatry cases with complete discussions
*Clinical pearls highlight key points
*USMLE-style comprehension questions with each case
*Primer on how to approach the patient
*Proven learning system improves shelf exam scores

"Superior to other case file books."
--Chang-Kun Choi, Medical Student, Midwestern University School of Medicine

"Using clinical scenarios not only makes the reading fun and interesting, but it is far more engaging than sitting down with a bulleted text and reviewing detail after detail. This is a much better way to learn clinical information. I have not read a book like this before, and I certainly have enjoyed it."
- Eric Hossler, Medical Student, James H. Quillen College of Medicine

"I LOVED this book! I would recommend this book to all third-year students... The book uses a clinical approach and does not lose sight of the pathophysiology behind the disease -- GREAT preparation for being on the wards! The subject matter is also deceptively detailed, with much more information than one normally finds in a text of case files. The reader can use this book as either a rigorous self-test or a read-through introduction to the subject. Once again - a GREAT text!"
- Elizabeth Johnston, Medical Student, Emory University

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